Blu-ray Converter Ultimate Review

Blu ray Converter Ultimate

Blu-ray Converter Ultimate supports subtitling of movies and videos, which a good example is alien avatar in a dialogue. Videos in hard code or DVD disc sub format are the ones accepting subtitles. Blu-ray Converter Ultimate comes with audio boosting system and it can help users come with the latest chapter or maintain the chapters in its original form.

It also comes with support for different angles, as well as AVI and MKV Remux sorts of profiles. Through this application program users can easily come up with their personalized profile along with your preferred files, bit rate and resolution, as well as codecs. You can use this on diverse conversion processes simultaneously, and at the same time it comes with video-based ideal features that includes subtitle version, processing of image postings, as well as removing of part you don’t need.

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Expectations of Blu-ray Converter Ultimate

Blu-ray Converter Ultimate a kind of ideal software for Blu-ray conversion tasks to convert Blu-ray files to Xbox, iPhone, MP4, MKV, DVD, AVI, PS3, as well as iPad formats. With this application program, users are able to perform conversion of Blu-ray type of video files to diverse sorts of formats. It comes with high image level of quality, as well as quick conversion process. You need to worry since you’ll have effortless selection of files and you never have to be an expert in computer technology to make it. Now you can easily convert Flash video, television programs, SD or HD video files in a snap through the help of Blu-ray Converter Ultimate. Also, you can use this to trans code MXF or MTS formatted files to AE, Pr, or Avid tools.

This application program comes with capturing tools for screenshots, format listing for customization, exporting system for DVD files to gaming platforms and media players, and at the same time, saves your valued time faster compared to any other Blu-ray converting software. By following some very simple moves, you are able to transform Blu-ray videos into a different format with Blu-ray Converter Ultimate. With Blu-ray Converter Ultimate, you will definitely make the most of these features such as:

  • High quality High Definition video conversion
  • Potent DVD and Blu-ray making process at home
  • Comes with Blu-ray movie creating system
  • Includes added features as a bonus to users
  • Web-based video files downloading and acceleration
  • Video editing process for customization purposes
  • Soundtracks and subtitles option capability

Operating and PC Systems Requirements

Before you consider downloading and installing Blu-ray Converter Ultimate, you need to check first if your personal computer is running the required operating system. Here are some of the best OS you need to use to run Blu-ray Converter Ultimate perfectly.

  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows 2000


You can make the most out of Blu-ray Converter Ultimate since it utilizes encoding system for hardware, which includes Quick Sync of Intel, NYENC API or NVIDIA CUDA. You can also use it for burning Blu-ray discs because it goes well with optical disks and drives. This software comes with quicker speed Blu-ray converting system, as well as DXVA2 decoding technology for hardware and optimized encoding of converted processors with multi-core level.


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