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AutoPlay Menu Builder (Personal License) Coupon

When it comes to creating menus for automatic playing programs, there’s nothing that can come closer to the quality and ingenuity of AutoPlay Menu Builder (Personal License) from Linasoft. This program can help users in terms of creating their customized menu options without a requirement of knowing advanced skills and experiences. AutoPlay Menu Builder (Personal License) is all what you need if you ever wanted to create promo discs, electronic books (or e-books), business cards, image galleries, slideshows, presentations, or compact discs with an accompanying catalogue. This software application is highly advisable to use by public and marketing relations experts, photojournalists, designers, software making firms and retailers, however, this never means that you are not allowed to utilize it while at home when it comes to the creations of you and your family members including video file discs or image galleries.

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At the same time, AutoPlay Menu Builder (Personal License) is likewise beneficial for collection enthusiasts who are into creating their collections catalogue discs. This software package is extremely simple to use and never obligate prospective users to undergo training in terms of creating projects of their own. With this program, you can come up with interactive menus as well as multiple page menus fast and easy! By using AutoPlay Menu Builder (Personal License), you can freely add an extraordinary spark to all your creations.

Expectations from Using AutoPlay Menu Builder

There are many things you can expect from using AutoPlay Menu Builder (Personal License). With this software, you can install your preferred types of font right ahead of menu loading process. By using this program, you can successfully embed in your menu options applications such as Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, Adobe Reader or even Flash. This software package supports the built-in music playing tool, slideshow, graphic/text comments, tool suggestions, background music files, image files, miscellaneous actions and control, end and splash screen options and many others. With AutoPlay Menu Builder (Personal License), users can additionally:

  • Create multiple-page menus of their own
  • Use both irregular and full screen windows
  • Create personalized executable icons and files that can stand by itself

AutoPlay Menu Builder System Requirements and Restrictions

If you’re planning to use AutoPlay Menu Builder (Personal License) anytime from now, you should make it a point that the operating system on your personal computer is Microsoft Windows. The Windows OS versions you’re allowed to use are the following:

  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows XP
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 95
  • Windows NT 4.0


At the same time, users of this software application must have 32 megabytes of Random Access Memory or higher, 166 megahertz of Intel Pentium or greater as processor, 35 megabytes of hard disk for installation purposes, and the operating system or OS must come with Windows 64-bits and 32-bits, respectively.


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