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Now, you may use a faster application program that actively controls and modifies attributes which is a software that allow developers modify or add values of an attribute through a file in DWG format without the help of an AutoCAD tool. From this time on, you can take advantage of using AutoDWG Attribute Modifier when you need to change or add values attribute directly in file with DWG format. This software application supports both DXF and DWG versions, as well as independently works with AutoCAD.

Likewise, this program supports diverse languages in programming. AutoDWG Attribute Modifier with comprehensive features is totally a program that is able to stand alone and never needs any AutoDesk supporting software packages. With this program, users are able to add the updated attributes of AutoCAD or perform AutoCAD attribute modification for the multiple illustration block references.

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AutoDWG Attribute Modifier helps users modify data attributes by batches from the blocks of attributes without requiring the use of AutoCAD. This application tool supports majority of DWG formatted files and it helps users modify attribute by batches and it allows developers change or include more values of attribute. AutoDWG Attribute Modifier comes with an intuitive platform that let users of AutoCAD perform manipulation of blocks attribute values in drawing files formatted in the DWG.

Expectations Set for AutoDWG Attribute Modifier

With this program, users can effortlessly make changes in the data attributes according to batches. This application program supports DWG formatted files which may include AutoCAD old version to the newest version. In terms of modifying data, this software package helps users create personalized template files that maybe archaic or cryptic.

It’s so easy to handle difficult tasks involving AutoCAD when AutoDWG Attribute Modifier comes handy. The best move you can make is to just follow the programming process of the wizard program that comes along with this featured software. By using this software package, users can utilize its allied software known as AutoDWG Attribute Extractor in batch modifying data attributes. With AutoDWG Attribute Modifier, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Make changes on the data attributes by batches
  • Supports DWG formatted files from the oldest to the newest version of AutoCAD
  • Helps you come up with customized files of archaic and cryptic templates
  • Effortless handling of hard to manage AutoCAD tasks
  • Works perfectly fine with its allied program, Auto Attribute Extractor

Operating System Requirements for AutoDWG Attribute Modifier

For those who would like to use AutoDWG Attribute Modifier, they must follow using the right operating system to prevent issues in the future. The perfect OS for this software are given below:

  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows ME
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows 95
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0


AutoDWG Attribute Modifier comes with an intuitive interface which allows you perform the attributes value manipulation process in drawing file blocks in DWG setting. Now, you can easily modify AutoCAD formatted block file value modification, especially, for files with .DWG format.


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