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For people whose job is to process image files in batches all at the same time, ArcSoft Portrait+ is what they need. This application program is an ideal solution for those who wish to improve an ordinary image file or digital portrait into wonderful masterpieces or a work of art. If you’re still astounded by the stunning appearances of various Hollywood stars and famous celebrities wherever you see them on billboards and advertisements, well, stop wondering because it’s only the magic of ArcSoft Portrait+!
The untold facts about why celebrity photos are always beautiful, as well as prim and proper are this software application. This program comes with an image retouching tool to help photographers improve the looks of their clients and models. ArcSoft Portrait+ erases skin imperfections, blotches and eruptions from the face of a person in the picture. This application program can really make the job of all photographers and digital portrait creators, that’s why, it’s the best software to buy!

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Things to Anticipate from ArcSoft Portrait+

For people who will be using ArcSoft Portrait+, they can expect to experience only the best out of utilizing it. This software application comes with diverse facial mapping pointers you’re able to take advantage of to help you improve your digital portrait and other types of image files. ArcSoft Portrait+ guides users on where they must go and the next moves to perform to improve the quality and appearance of every image or portrait files they have on their folders. The software application’s auto improvement features can help users to map faces perfectly. Likewise, the auto detect feature of ArcSoft Portrait+ can help users identify the various faces in one image file, which can greatly save time and effort. With ArcSoft Portrait+, users may also expect the following:

  • Batch exporting of images
  • Preset or custom options for image improvement process
  • Photoshop plug in with image retouching program

ArcSoft Portrait+ System Requirements for Mac and Windows

For aspiring users of ArcSoft Portrait+, they need to comply with the system requirements set for both Mac (if you’re a Mac computer user) and Windows (if your PC operates under Windows OS).
If you’re a Mac user, your computer must have the following:

  • Your pixels should be 1366 x 768
  • Free hardware space of 100 megabytes for installation of program
  • Random Access Memory of 2 gig DDR2 or higher
  • Intel Mac or Power Personal Computer
  • Mac Operating System 10.7.3 or higher

For Windows operated computers, they must have at least these requirements:

  • Pixels must be 1366 x 768 with 32 bit system or above
  • 100 megabyte free space hard drive for installing the program
  • 1 gig DDR2 Random Access Memory or higher that comes with 512 megabyte Video Memory or higher
  • AMD Athlon / Pentium IV 3.0 gigahertz or higher
  • Windows SP3 or SP2 (XP) / Vista / 7 / 8 (64 and 32 bit)


ArcSoft Portrait+ is probably the best image file enhancing software in the market to date. You can rest assured that this program is able to help you enhance and beautify the appearance of all your portrait or image files. For this reason, if you ever need to make changes and improve the quality of all your photos and image files, ArcSoft Portrait+ is the solution you can trust!


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