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Any PDF to DWG Converter converts PDF to DXF and PDF to DWG. This conversation helps in efficient and fast editing in AutoCAD. By using this converter, users can easily change the different formats without needing AutoCAD or Adobe Acrobat. The good thing is that changing from one format to another happens very fast and accurately. It supports all Adobe PDF file versions. There is no doubt that this app is great at what it does. Any PDF to DWG Converter enjoys a number of incredible features. Out of the many amazing attributes, one that is attractive is the fact that it handles both multiple and single page files with ease.

The app converts an entire PDF document, a number of pages or even one page into different DXF/DWG files. Any PDF to DWG Converter optimizes and generates vector entities like arcs, circles, hatches, splines, polylines etc.

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Below are some of the key features Any PDF to DWG Converter boasts of:

  • Converts PDF to DXF or DWG accurately and quickly
  • Outputs AutoCAD/DWG/DXF files
  • Supports all Adobe PDF file versions
  • Handles multiple and single page files with ease
  • Retains colors in DXF/DWG files
  • Resizes drawings by scale factor
  • Easy to use and very powerful
  • Works with/without AutoCAD/Acrobat
  • Directly converts scanned image/raster PDF without vector software

Beginners should not be worried about the conversation process takes place, and whether it is hard or easy. The entire process is very easy and simple. Users can upload one file at a go or an entire folder (including subdirectories}. The choice is dependent on an individual. After this, individuals can choose the output formats between DXF and DWG. The output location and file version can be configured.

A great feature of this app is the fact that it allows users to play with a number of additional options. Some of these are vector tracing outline vs. centerline) and scale factor (1 to 10). High conversation speeds make this app a must have for anyone in need of DXF/DWG files from PDF files. Any PDF to DWG Converter is a great tool for converting different file formats to the one you need. Installing this app in your personal computer is without a doubt a big plus. It will get the job done accurately without any errors or glitches.


By having Any PDF to DWG Converter, you will enjoy intuitive interface and superfast conversion speeds.


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