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This software package captures and saves video files direct from a web-based camera, as well as you can save them to your personal computer’s hard drive. So when it comes to video file source capturing from your web-based camera and saving them to your PCs hard drive, AMCap is the best application tool to date among many other similar type of software in the marketplace today. If you really want to use the best software package that can effortlessly capture and save video files to the hard drive of your personal computer, there is no other application program that can serve you better than AMCap. Regardless if the PC hard drive system’s format is AVI or MPEG2 with the essential codecs, this software package can do much better compared to its competitors out there. Know that this AMCap application comes with interesting features, which may include screenshots taking ability or image file special effects adding such as transparency, alpha-blending, graphic overlay and many others. For those who are still searching for a monitoring tool application for web-based cameras, AMCap is the best choice indeed!

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What it Does

This software application catches and saves video files directly from a web-based camera. If you are looking for all-in-one video file and still capturing software that comes with the ability to preview videos, this software package is the one you’re searching about. This includes DV camera recorder, as well as support for analog tuning system, support for enhanced MPEG2, ability to capture stills, multi system monitor, compression, zooming feature, on the top always, screen in full, persistence on parameter, among others.

All other features, benefits and advantages of this online tool are stream control system, enumerating devices, device property page display, capture file allocation, on time previewing, as well as file capturing capability. This wonderful website comes with input streaming platform to use for MPEG-2 streaming of contents from an analog television. Users need to have a decoder in MPEG-2 format with direct-show compatibility when it comes to streams decoding while AMCap is running on your personal computer system.

Advantages of this software product

  • Supports de-interlacing and diverse monitor system through VMR (Video Mixing Renders) version 9 and 7
  • Delivers enhanced recording and playback systems of MPEG-2 format
  • Optionally captures sound track from sources video file or any audio file sources alternatives.

What does it Require

This application program only works and will run smoothly if it is used on personal computers that operate with Microsoft Windows OS. The Microsoft Windows OS versions accepted by this software package are XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


In terms of capturing video clips or files from your web-based cameras, this software package is absolutely the best options among many other similar application programs available in the marketplace today. It comes with the best features and advantages that all users will definitely vouch for. Avail of the best discount rates for this product using the coupon offered in different reviews provided online through Biggest Coupon Code today!


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