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AMCap Review

AMCap Coupon

This software package captures and saves video files direct from a web-based camera, as well as you can save them to your personal computer’s hard drive. So when it comes to video file source capturing from your web-based camera and saving them to your PCs hard drive, AMCap is the best application tool to date among many other similar type of software in the marketplace today. If you really want to use the best software package that can effortlessly capture and save video files to the hard drive of your personal computer, there is no other application program that can serve you better than AMCap. Regardless if the PC hard drive system’s format is AVI or MPEG2 with the essential codecs, this software package can do much better compared to its competitors out there. Know that this AMCap application comes with interesting features, which may include screenshots taking ability or image file special effects adding such as transparency, alpha-blending, graphic overlay and many others. For those who are still searching for a monitoring tool application for web-based cameras, AMCap is the best choice indeed!

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What it Does

This software application catches and saves video files directly from a web-based camera. If you are looking for all-in-one video file and still capturing software that comes with the ability to preview videos, this software package is the one you’re searching about. This includes DV camera recorder, as well as support for analog tuning system, support for enhanced MPEG2, ability to capture stills, multi system monitor, compression, zooming feature, on the top always, screen in full, persistence on parameter, among others.

All other features, benefits and advantages of this online tool are stream control system, enumerating devices, device property page display, capture file allocation, on time previewing, as well as file capturing capability. This wonderful website comes with input streaming platform to use for MPEG-2 streaming of contents from an analog television. Users need to have a decoder in MPEG-2 format with direct-show compatibility when it comes to streams decoding while AMCap is running on your personal computer system.

Advantages of this software product

  • Supports de-interlacing and diverse monitor system through VMR (Video Mixing Renders) version 9 and 7
  • Delivers enhanced recording and playback systems of MPEG-2 format
  • Optionally captures sound track from sources video file or any audio file sources alternatives.

What does it Require

This application program only works and will run smoothly if it is used on personal computers that operate with Microsoft Windows OS. The Microsoft Windows OS versions accepted by this software package are XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


In terms of capturing video clips or files from your web-based cameras, this software package is absolutely the best options among many other similar application programs available in the marketplace today. It comes with the best features and advantages that all users will definitely vouch for. Avail of the best discount rates for this product using the coupon offered in different reviews provided online through Biggest Coupon Code today!


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Ultra Video Splitter Review

Ultra Video Splitter Coupon

If you really like to perform editing of lengthy video files effortlessly, Ultra Video Splitter is the software package you may need to run on your personal computer right there right now. Now with this software application, it will be easier for users to perform video file editing. Likewise with Ultra Video Splitter, users are able to perform division of all sorts of video files into different sequences, all with the exact same time length, cut parts not needed, as well as extraction of scenes that are of appealing to your viewing taste.

Know that every process needed to perform while running this program on your personal computer and they are all very easy to make. Following the opening of video that needs editing, users may go for the required choice then make necessary adjustment on the settings given. This software works really fine as you use it cut streaming directly because it doesn’t need any re-encoding process.

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Photolightning Review

Photolightning Coupon

Photolightning helps users when it comes to processing files by batches for a speedier and flawless quality of images. By means of processing files by batches, users can effortlessly perform adjustment, editing and filtering application processes to diverse image files in one sitting. Performing the mentioned operations can lessen the time for editing better for those who would like to make the exact editing process to image files greater than a single photograph.
This application program is able to get rid of flaws in your image files by just a single click of the mouse. The reduction of flaws on your photographs makes it sure that every image files you produce will be of the best quality which can be compared to many other similar files. Utilizing the flaw reduction feature is but a simple process to make since you just have to circle through the flaw then click the mouse.

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PDFIn PDF to DWG Converter Review

PDFIn PDF to DWG Converter Coupon

This online tool supports 2.5-2009 versions of AutoCAD. PDFIn PDF to DWG Converter can help users perform conversion of PDF document’s vector content, sustain arc texts and lines in its authentic place, as well as keep the authentic image being its raster reference image in the illustration. Should you have a PDF file with illustrations and required AutoCAD editing process, you need not to draw back the entire thing again. All you need to do is just importing and converting your illustration in PDF format to a format in AutoCad using this magnificent software, PDFIn PDF to DWG Converter.
In a matter of 1-60 seconds, users are able to perform entitle measuring, text removal, line trimming and many others. PDFIn PDF to DWG Converter offers both paid and trial versions, but if you like to experience better performance and more superior quality program, go for the paid version because it comes with more advanced features and advantages not available from other similar application programs in the market today.

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OJOsoft Total Video Converter Review

OJOsoft Total Video Converter Coupon

For those who are searching for the best converting tools for video files to meet compatibility requirements or for video file adapting to audio video playing systems that are widely used worldwide, OJOsoft Total Video Converter is a perfect choice of software when it comes to video file converting purposes since it comes with extremely intuitive system. If you are seeking to use the video converting software that all Microsoft Windows users can start running on their personal computers, the best move is go for OJOsoft Corporation’s product referred to as OJOsoft Total Video Converter. Since it comes with easy-to-use platform, it is perfect for both new and expert-level users alike. All conversions you do will become effortless as swift as birds’ feathers. It’s good to know that OJOsoft Total Video Converter has built in encoders and decoders you may count on. As soon as you perform OJOsoft Total Video Converter downloading and installing, all formats supported are turn into a different video format without the need to download a codec. OJOsoft Total Video Converter is free from any cyber viruses and it secured to install.

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Img2CAD Review

Img2CAD Coupon

Img2CAD is hitting the marketplace by storm! The best thing to know about Img2CAD is the fact it will never bring any difficult times on your part, such as error pop-ups, screen freezing or system crashing incidents. What’s more with Img2CAD, you’ll get superb quality of graphics on your output sort of documents. Generally speaking, this software package is definitely the dependable software in terms of AutoCAD items building, which is derived from image files. Img2CAD is very easy to use and can be operated even by software amateurs and newcomers alike. Applications such as this one is helpful for those taking graphical design photos and likes to perform AutoCAD processing if needed. You need not to worry about anything else with regards to converting your image files because Img2CAD is an online tool you can definitely rely on because it comes with intuitive and flawless platform. Img2CAD has easy-to-use layout and take note that you can use this to add items to your list of files by means of drop and drag function, folder viewer, or file browsing tool.

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Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Standard Review

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Standard Coupon

Today with Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Standard, you can effortlessly perform sharing of your image files from your social networking accounts, which include direct uploading from Facebook and YouTube. Now through using this wonderful software package, you can give life to your still pictures by giving it a touch of Hollywood using effects, which includes rotate, zoom, pan, as well as transition. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Standard comes with more than 200 stunning styles of movies.
At the same time, this application program is supporting output formats of HD video files. Through this magnificent online tool, you can smoothly share your video clips and images on all widely used portable gadgets. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Standard enables users to save videos and movies into flash podcasting formats on the web, which includes F4V, SWF and FLV.

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Wondershare Fantashow for Mac Review

Wondershare Fantashow for Mac Coupon

Now, you can easily create personalized movies and video clips through the help of Wondershare Fantashow for Mac! By means of using this application program, it will become effortless for users to transform their video clips and image files into a story that can really touch lives. Through this software application, users can easily narrate the story of their own along with different add-ons such as captions, voice, among others.

Wondershare Fantashow for Mac effortlessly creates movie-style videos and pictures of your choice. With this software package, users can apply diverse styles when it comes to producing marvelous movies you like. This program tool can instantly help users share their video clips and self-made movies to any social networking and media platforms online.

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Cucusoft Test Order Review

Cucusoft Test Order Coupon

When it comes to application program made for YouTube, Cucusoft Test Order is the best bet because it can help users manage, play, convert and download your chosen video files from YouTube, at the same time it is user friendly. You will definitely vouch for browsing video selections of your choice if Cucusoft Test Order is within your reach. This software package turns website extracted video files to diverse formats such as WMV, MPEG, MOV, MVB, RM, XVID and DIVX. Cucusoft Test Order instantly gives a title to videos you have downloaded that is the exact title indicated on YouTube.

This online tool supports limitless download processes simultaneously, that is why it will really save your precious time. Since it downloads video files and movies from YouTube, it is really a perfect partner for web-based video lovers all over the world. Cucusoft Test Order instantly gives names to all downloaded video files, which gains the same title like it used on YouTube. It helps users convert YouTube clips and movies to diverse sorts of formats.

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AnyMP4 Mac Blu-ray Player Review

AnyMP4 Mac Blu-ray Player Coupon

AnyMP4 Mac Blu-ray Player offers comprehensive experience for its users, as well as precise running process. This Mac Blu-ray playing system is intended for the purpose of delivering an operation in simplified manner, which can add color and life to your everyday activity. Through this magnificent software package, users are able to effortlessly perform screen diameter switching, multimedia setting adjustment, clear navigation viewing, as well as liberally and easily select chapters or titles in Blu-ray.

Now, you can enjoy Blu-ray movies and videos playing on your Apple Mac device since AnyMP4 Mac Blu-ray PlayerAnyMP4 Mac Blu-ray Player belong to the list of among the finest and one of the leading playing systems in the market today. This application package comes with the best technical department that is ready to extend help to users whenever they need guidance on using AnyMP4 Mac Blu-ray Player. With this application program, you can make a request for upgrades to the newest version at no cost to you by simply contacting their technical team for support and many other related concerns.

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iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac Review

iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac Coupon

You must know that with iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac, users are able to watch video files with multimedia player built-in on the system. iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac comes with more features compared to many similar application programs available online. This software is speedy when it comes to automatically performing video detection process all at once when playing it, at the same time it comes with extremely high level of speed in terms of video file downloading.

iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac makes it easier for users to multitask since it lets them batch process video downloading and perform video conversion quickly. Now with this online program, you can utilize tools such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro when you have performed downloading of video files that are converted directly to come up with a work of art. iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac offers one of a kind feature in terms of downloading and conversion processes, respectively.

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Wondershare Video Converter Platinum Review

Wondershare Video Converter Platinum (Deutsch) Coupon

Wondershare Video Converter Platinum is the perfect tool to download your favorite and chosen video files from video sharing websites like YouTube, so you can watch them back even without connecting to the internet. Likewise, you may use Wondershare Video Converter Platinum to convert video files for other multimedia systems, platforms and gadgets, which include PS3, PSP, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, iPhone and many other similar technologies.

Wondershare Video Converter Platinum offers easy-to-use interface for item importation by means of drop and drag functionality, tree viewing mechanism or file browsing tool. Moreover with Wondershare Video Converter Platinum, users are able to preview capture frames and media players built-in video clips and many other related processes.

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Cool Utils Pro Review

Cool Utils Pro Coupon

Talking about image and video files, Cool Utils Pro also includes image and video file converting system you may take advantage of for burning, storing and managing your collection of movies at home to convert them to a DVD format through utilizing diverse tools at your disposal. Likewise, image files in digital format can be edited thoroughly for the purpose of creating powerful and one-of-a-kind slideshows or save them to your disk easily and fast for use in the future. Probably, this is one of the best converting programs in the market today you may use for diverse numbers of file formats.

This software comes with different wizard system built-in the program to help new users setup the application. In producing different report formats, Cool Utils Pro can help you along the process. This application package exports and prints Hypertext Markup Language or PDF documents directories.

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Any DWG DXF Converter Pro Review

Any DWG DXF Converter Pro Coupon

For your information, Any DWG DXF Converter Pro is supporting line of command, as well as formats from R2.5 to 2015. The best thing to know about Any DWG DXF Converter Pro is that it can work well with many Microsoft Windows versions such as MS Windows 7, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows 2003, MS Windows XP, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows ME, MS Windows 98 and MS Windows 95. Since Any DWG DXF Converter Pro can function by itself, its main features lets users work effortlessly and fast.

This software package converts both DXF and DWG by batches in 2 different directions that let users convert the two file formats without any hassles. Likewise, this application program is able to convert files of AutoCAD-based illustration. This professional version is fully supporting the line of command of Any DWG DXF Converter Pro.

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WinWatermark Standard Edition Review

WinWatermark Standard Edition Coupon

If you’re looking for an expert level watermark creating system for Microsoft Windows then the best software package for you to use either transparent or visible watermark is none other than WinWatermark Standard Edition. This application program safeguards the copyright of your file through including visible watermarks of image files and texts. Now with WinWatermark Standard Edition, you can effortlessly convert all sorts of image files to diverse types of formats including TGA, GIF, PNG, and many other related formats. With WinWatermark Standard Edition, you can easily include your chosen frames to all your images files to make them even more inviting. You can use this application program for the purpose of exporting as well as importing different sorts of relevant projects then save your watermarks to use them later. WinWatermark Standard Edition is helpful when it comes to a single step image file resizing, rotating and cropping. You may also use this software package in terms of renaming the image files you have through the use of a potent personalized template.

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Ultra Screen Saver Maker Review

Ultra Screen Saver Maker Coupon

For those who have spare time of at least a minute, they are able to come up with an easy to make screensaver derived from your flash animated materials, soundtracks, video files, as well as images through the use of Ultra Screen Saver Maker. By Ultra Screen Saver Maker package, it will only take a user about 60 seconds to produce screensaver that installs automatically derived form about 50 plus image files, as well as files in MP3 format. Since Ultra Screen Saver Maker’s platform is intuitive, it allows users to come up with screensaver fast even on the very first day you utilize the software. Ideally, you may choose to use Ultra Screen Saver Maker at home for your personal computer’s sake. By using this wonderful software package, you can effortlessly and speedily come up with your personalized screensavers in about less than half a minute. Through the use of Ultra Screen Saver Maker, you can easily perform adding of image files, audio files, video files, flash animation, photos, web pages or texts with help of a keyword to your screensaver.

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Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe Review

Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe Coupon

This software includes zoom and pan motions that animates all your pictures and image files. You may use Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe to help you set various types of music for every images or pictures in a gallery or just use a single song as a background to the entire album. By means of Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe, users can accurately manage image files hyperlinks and descriptions, as well as caption adding and duration of slideshows, which makes all your gallery-based slideshows interactive even more. You may use this software application to send an electronic mail to your colleagues and loved ones these slideshows and galleries as an attachment. Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe is ideal for the purpose of uploading to the FTP formatted server when it comes to automatic website publishing. With the use of this application program, you can effortlessly save your files as screen savers, as well as EXE, Hypertext Markup Language, XML or SWF files for the purpose of manual website publishing or just to have fun on seeing galleries or slideshows on your personal computer.

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Xilisoft iPhone Magic Platinum Review

Xilisoft iPhone Magic Platinum Coupon

This software is also useful for downloading video files from all web-based sources such as Blip, Break, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Veoh, Vimeo and many others. Through this wonderful software package, users can easily come up with their customized ring tones derived from diverse multimedia files straightforwardly transferred to their iOS phones. Xilisoft iPhone Magic Platinum is the ideal software for the purpose of transferring files between two or more devices at the same time.

They are all available to copy all multimedia files and documents on iOS gadgets. This iOS-based software is able to backup every form of audio, video and image file from your gadget or device to iTunes or to your PC, helps you perform file relocation from PC to iOS device, perform DVD video conversion, as well as typical multimedia files conversion process. Xilisoft iPhone Magic Platinum can help users backup every file you have in iTunes gallery to your iOS device, and at the same time, it comes with iTunes 10 support.

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FlipBook Creator for Mac Review

FlipBook Creator for Mac Coupon

It’s good news for those who would like to use FlipBook Creator for Mac, because with this software package, you can easily import soundtracks coming from your audio loops set and soundtracks on your PC. Through the help of this wonderful program, you can easily share the flipping books you have. With this software, users can effortlessly send their readers their link directly or you may just click it once in sharing the flipping book to different social networking websites such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, among others.
Another move you can make is to make a duplicate code embedded on your blog or website to share them to all readers online. FlipBook Creator for Mac lets users set their flipbook size flash as soon as they are embedded to their blog or web pages. You can also integrate this application tool in Analytics, a Google subsidiary website. As this software package rely on Google Analytics, it will be easier for a lot of prospects that the featured flipbook is all set for reading.

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Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro for Windows Review

Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro for Windows Coupon

Let everybody know that Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro for Windows supports other sorts of formats including EXE-standalone version, screen saver, GIF animation, as well as image file sequential exporting process, QuickTime, Screen Saver, Flash and many others. Through this application tool, users can effortlessly perform cropping, as well as rotating, flipping and make an adjustment on image file sources. Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro for Windows makes the most out of acceleration of software, as well as it easily renders speed about a couple of hundred Frames per Second or FPS. The accelerated speed of this software package makes it easier for users to come up with the timely set of effects without the need of performing file exportation. Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro for Windows latest skinned interface comes with cool features, function streamline, as well as other sorts of advantages. This application package is supporting the creation of multiple numbers of morphs that makes it easier to come up with morphed motion pictures with diverse image file sources.

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