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When it comes to Smartphone upgrading, there is only one software application you must consider to use for all the info in the handset you used before. Derived form the video files and images, users can record and save diverse number of messages in text format you have sent. As the time passes by, your Smartphone is the jewel in disguise virtually.

To the contrary, Wondershare MobileTrans will make it easier for users to take advantage of the said advantages as you get to know more about the Smartphone you’re using. This software package lets users transfer information or data from diverse Smartphone brands regardless of the network operator running them, while you’re using a personal computer being a mediating tool. Now with Wondershare MobileTrans, synchronizing your contact list into a brand new mobile phone is much easier, particularly when you’re utilizing an online type of service such as Bing or Ask in terms of managing them.

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User Expectations

By following what is required for this software package, you will never compromise your business. Either mobile phone must have the connection that only signifies that you cannot use Wondershare MobileTrans when it comes to backing up your mobile phone’s contents then transfer these data later. For this reason, should you have a plan to exchange mobile phone for the latest one’s discount then a not so good scenario is about to come your way.

On the other side, for those who are able to keep their handsets for the purpose of transferring, you will definitely become happy to know that Wondershare MobileTrans is very user-friendly. Wondershare MobileTrans can help users transfer video files, soundtrack, image files, applications, as well as logs of call, SMS, and contacts mediating a diverse number of widely-used mobile phones. Indeed, the mobile application is transferable between gadgets that are generally compatible with each other, and at the same time Wondershare MobileTrans is clever enough when it comes to blocking actions that are not compatible. Here are Wondershare MobileTrans upsides:

  • User-friendly
  • Helps in multimedia file transfer easily
  • Smart user platform

Operating System Requirements for Wondershare MobileTrans

Prior to using this application program, you need to adhere using any of the given OS below:

  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Desktop
  • Microsoft Windows 7


By using this program, you will learn that iTunes can bring about a few of your data in the past to your latest iOS mobile phone. To the contrary, bringing about every data you have in the likes of short messaging system messages, call history, as well as image files, is definitely a challenging experience, particularly for those who have changed the platform of their mobile phones. With the help of Wondershare MobileTrans, you just have to perform utility installation, make a connection of your both your destination and source phones, respectively.


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