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It does not seem so long ago where a family was lucky if they had one computer in their home. If they were one of the lucky ones that had a desktop computer, it was probably not very powerful. It had serious limitations and it was not the most important device in the home. In the world today, a computer in the home is invaluable. The problem is that everyone wants to be able to use it to entertain themselves at the same time. This often is the cause for family fights. This software known as SoftXpand Duo is the solution that many families are looking for. You could go out and buy another computer so the adults have access to one and the kids have access to another. It will not take long for the kids to tell you that you need even more computers. This software helps you turn 1 computer into2 computers without the expense of buying a new desktop or laptop.

What Does SoftXpand Duo Offer

This software allows multiple users access to one computer at the same time. If you have more than one kid in the home they can use the same computer to do their homework at the same time. They can both surf the net they want to. If you want to be on Facebook while your husband checks out his fantasy teams, this is not a problem. SoftXpand Duo expands your computer so that everyone is able to enjoy it at the same time. All that is left to fight over is who gets the remote for the television, that is if you don’t want to view different streaming content on your own computer.

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What Does SoftXpand Duo Do

This software allows you to connect additional keyboards and monitors to one computer. Each person will have an experience just like if they had their own computer, but there is no expense of buying another tower to accomplish it. This software takes care of splitting your computer into multiple devices.
This is not a new idea. When computers were still rare, many people could gain access to a mainframe computer at the same time. That is essentially what this software can do for you.

What Does SoftXpand Duo Require

The software requires a Windows 7 operating system. It will also work with Windows Server 2008 R2. You also need the Microsoft NET framework service pack 1 enabled. The user also needs to have an additional monitor, keyboard and mouse to use the software to its fullest extent. There are other products available that will allow you to turn your computer into a virtual server that allows you to turn it into multiple computers. This one will do all of that. It will allow you to play 3D games together and to expand how your family is able to use its computer. In today’s world it is one of the best ways to get value for your money from your computer systems. Do not buy a brand new computer when this software does everything that you need for a lot less money.


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