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Mass Coupon Submitter Coupon

Rather than wasting your time searching for website threads to publish your own posts on, account creation, offers format editing, email confirmation as well as posting the same thing repeatedly, Mass Coupon Submitter is the best software package you can rely on when it comes to issues mentioned. This application program is the one doing the job for your convenience as it takes all repetitious tasks from bulk submission of coupon code in line with your affiliate offering, and most likely, those with promotions centering offline prospects. Among the type of coupon distributing and marketing interface that will help you increase your profits as you build online presence is the Mass Coupon Submitter.

This software package comes with a few types of advantages you as an online business owner or a customer can benefit from include:

  • Instantly building back and front links to your store
  • Vouchers and discount codes blasting to more than 75 websites with many prospects
  • Bypass search engines directly to purchasing clients
  • Approved marketing strategy offline

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Things to Expect From Mass Coupon Submitter

Because Mass Coupon Submitter can help you in launching all campaigns of your coupon code to different merchandizing company websites hassle-free, you may take advantage of the following benefits:

  • A built-in previewing platform for coupons ahead of posting them
  • Both failed and successful posts while running is saved to a report in CSV format to better track results as well as provide clients comprehensive reports
  • Platform to manage all your projects to let you coupon loading or saving whatever account you use
  • Comprehensive support system for both public and private proxy servers and proxy harvesting system
  • Comprehensive integration along with automatic system to solve captcha service issues
  • Successful posting, accuracy level, speedy submission and multi-thread process of operation

Must Have to Benefit from Using Mass Coupon Submitter

Simply, you can best benefit from using Mass Coupon Submitter if you’ll just follow all system requirements set for this software application program. If you wish to send your coupon codes for various merchandizing companies’ websites, you must have the right system software and operating system setup for your personal computer to make this program run efficiently, effectively and successfully.


You may find out the best operating system to use for this software package by visiting the main website of the company that produced it or simply contact their customer support group for more information. Keep in mind to use only the right OS for your PC to run this software hassle-free. Windows 7, 8 and Vista is the right operating system for Mass Coupon Submitter.


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