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FlibBook Maker Pro Coupone

Have you constantly be on the lookout for a page turning software that has software that you could use in your digital publications such as magazines and eBooks? Are you looking for software that delivers while at the same time being very simple to use? Software that will enable you to import multiple file types? FlipBook Maker Pro is the software that you need, if you are looking to incorporate multimedia into your publications.

What FlibBook Maker Pro does

FlipBook Maker Pro enables you to import multiple types of files such as mp4, PDF, .flv, .jpg, .gif. Aside from just importing them, it also turns them into book pages that you can actually flip. So this is great for digital publications as well as using it for flash videos. FlibBook Maker Pro also has the function of adding multimedia content to your PDF pages. Instead of your PDF looking very boring, you can add hyperlinks, text, images, clipart and sound to it.

Your digital publications will look more visually appealing with the multimedia as compared to them being without. Do you need specific publications to run on devices such as mobile phones, particularly Android devices and Apple products? This software makes it much easier for you to share content with the rest of the world, through just the turn of a page. The only requirement that is needed for this software to work on a mobile device is a browser.

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FlipBook Maker Pro gives you the chance to make the content of your publications more navigable and easy to access through adding a table of content. The table of contents tool also allows you to create your own customized table of contents. This is because the PDF files that were imported do not have bookmarks, so it becomes hard for a reader to find his/her way back to a certain page. Additionally, you can easily edit the bookmarks to suit your needs. What’s more is that this software gives you a lot of page flipping templates for you to choose from.

System Requirements

This software works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. CPU required is not less than Pentium 111 500MHz. A memory of 512MB is required as well as a flash player of version 10.0 and above.


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