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AVS Video Converter Coupon

AVS Video Converter is an application that has been designed to convert videos in many formats, the most popular being Flash Video (FLV), this has enabled uploading of video on WebPages efficiently. FLV is now considered as the format that has been standardized for use on websites and online video channels, the format has characteristics of small size and quality that has been found ideal for such applications.

AVS supports a fast conversion of most video formats. With its easy to use interface it’s close to a perfect application you may need. Let us now let us take an analysis of its features. The user Interface of any software you may have come across makes a first and lasting impression. In this case AVS has small window which is divided into three tabs namely: Formats, Web and Devices. This makes it easy for the user to pick on the conversion type that is desired. Its profile is preset with default parameter values for various Video formats. However, this can be customized by accessing the advanced button that displays on the screen.

Supported Video Formats

AVS Video Converter actually supports all Video formats that run on windows platform even the less popular formats such as Null soft vide (NSV), PowerPoint and Nintendo Video (DPG). Another key feature about AVS Video Converter is that it not only outputs to common media players like Vune,iPod and iPhone, but also lesser known media such as Archos Xbox36O, Creative Zen, iRiver and other mobile devices like smartphones. It’s considered as an “AlI-in-AlI Video converter because any formats it takes as an input it also process it as an output. It therefore supports converting video between all key formats: DVD, MPEG, AVI, MP4, AVCHD, TOD, WMV, DVR-MS, QuickTime,3GP, SWF, M4V, RM, MKV, FLV, Blu-ray. Convert HD-video: M2TS, MOD, and HDV.

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Besides being a Video Converter, the AVS software comes with inbuilt DVD Burning and DVD Ripping facilities. It is also important to mention that it has an inbuilt Video editor that shares similar features of AVS Video Editor that means you can do some video editing, for instance; additional audio tracks, trimming, joining, and splitting among other things. On the audio features you can amplify, pitch shift, compress, cross fade, delay, and reduce or remove noise. It’s also important to mention that AVS Video Converter also has a Disc Menu creator with many templates that are similar as those in AVS Video Editor.

While on the Web Tab, the interface supports video conversion best fit for web services like YouTube, Facebook, Drop box, and TwitVid, the program has been designed to supports uploading video from interface itself.


The software costs about $59 for unlimited license, this may seem costly for a simple converter but some compression but that remember other applications are “free or cheaper are usually supported by codec that require a license fee which will raise their overall cost.
One shortfall for this application is that the designers have not built a MAC version enjoys using this software.


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