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October 16, 2013Internet


Ultimate Maps Downloader Coupon

There are many types of software that are used in downloading maps but the Ultimate Maps Downloader is one of kind software. It’s unique mapping software that enables the downloading of both satellite imagery, road maps and topographic maps from ArcGIS, Bing maps, Google maps and Yahoo maps. In addition this software enables creation of own maps. The following review contains all one needs to know about the Ultimate Maps Downloader .

This software has various versions that include the following; Ultimate Maps Downloader version 2.7, version 2.6. Version 2.4, version 2.0 and finally version 1.0. Version 2.7 which is the newest version has the following cool features; it has a new measuring tool, it enables one to find the nearest foursquare venues by categories, one is able to import and export GPX files, it has a map ruler and it supports Google china maps.

Tutorial for Ultimate Maps Downloader

The following steps are important for effective execution of Ultimate Maps Downloader. The steps have are analyzed to suit each and every person who is attempting to use the software for the very first time:

  • Double click the software to open it.
  • Use the right mouse button to hold and move a map of your choice.
  • Hold alt- left -mouse button at the simultaneously and drag in order to make the area for download Double click to show menu icon on your Ultimate Maps Downloader with options.
  • To work with the map itself use the top menu; zoom in and out, select map server and search for location and markers and routes save projects and pictures. This software enables you to pen multiples maps at the same time and download tiles at the same time.

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This software was developed by Lizard Labs to enable mapping and views of the world. Ultimate Maps Downloader enables downloading of satellite imagery and topographic and road maps from Bing maps yahoo maps and open street maps. These are then downloaded as small tiles which are combined into one image which can be used offline. This software can be found as a trial version on lizard labs website or bought as a paid version. In order to run it you need to be connected to the internet and have Microsoft. Net Framework 2.0. The website to look for this software is lizard-labs.net


This mapping software gives you 15 days to evaluate the effectiveness of the product on a trial version basis. When you rate this software to be of great use to you should make sure that you register it in order to have additional benefits that come along with purchasing this product. The benefits of registration and having a license include; having access to all the software’s features, having attention of lizard labs support desk and also enable the software developer to improve it through the feedback provide.


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