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July 19, 2014Internet


Spam Reader Coupon

Still looking for the best MS Outlook junk mail/spam filtering program until now? Well, there’s a better way to manage all your spam or junk messages for good because Spam Reader is here in the marketplace today. This software package comes with Bayesian filtering combination with clever works and white lists for all types of accounts. Spam Reader is user-friendly and comes with simple-to-use platform. This application program generally supports major MS Outlook types of accounts, which includes HTTP, IMAP, POP and Exchange.

With software application, it’s possible to accurately filter spam messages following a few training. The user must communicate to the filter the things it needs to perform to eradicate spam messages from your electronic mail account. Don’t be discouraged yet when you encounter errors on the first days of using this program. All outcomes will greatly depend according to things you expect, as well as the filter performance.

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Although, Spam Reader training is definitely a tedious process, it’ll worth your time and effort because you’ll learn and discover the best approaches as well as techniques to effectively and successfully get rid of junk mails from your spam folder. Through the help of pre-training in Spam Reader, users can get over with all the mistakes and errors you’ll be encountering along the way.

Purposes of Spam Reader

There are various uses of Spam Reader and many of which are already proven right by several users. This software package is supported by MS Outlook, which is an effective junk mail or spam message filtering program. With this application tool, users are able to scan just any type of folder as required, or it provides an electronic mail analysis. This program comes with both buttons pertaining to bad and good ones, which are useful during pre-training period. Through the use of the Bayesian engine for filtering, Spam Reader can easily detect spam messages from your email account. By using Spam Reader, you’ll definitely experience the advantages given below:

  • Email accounts spam message detection mechanism
  • White listing and blacklisting of recipients and senders
  • Email analysis
  • Folder scanning
  • Filters spam messages effectively

Spam Reader Operating System Requirement

For those who really like to filter messages in their email and steer clear of spam, the best software package you can rely on is Spam Reader. To the contrary, before you can take the full benefit of using Spam Reader, you need to adhere to using the best operating systems, which is basically from MS Windows.Here are the OS requirements for Spam Reader:

  • MS Windows XP
  • MS Windows 2003
  • MS Windows 2000
  • MS Windows NT
  • MS Windows ME
  • MS Windows 98

Supported electronic mail provider:

  • MS Outlook 2003
  • MS Outlook 2002
  • MS Outlook 2000


By using Spam Reader, users can effortlessly setup word-customized dictionaries that override statistics, whether an email message is good or otherwise. At the same time, Spam Reader is perfect for maintaining both white and black lists of recipients and senders automatically.


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