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August 19, 2013Internet


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Did you know that you don’t have to rely on office memos to get short messages across to your fellow colleagues? You now have the chance to use Softros Messenger which is a Local Area Networking service that allows you to chat with your colleagues in and around work. One major advantage about it is that it does not require any server to install and is relatively easy to use.

There are many features that Softros Messenger has that make it a very handy and necessary tool for intra-office communication. You have all the common features that can be found in most Instant Messengers such as individual and group messages, file transfers and message notifications alarms.

What Softros Messenger Works With

  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

If you are worried about how private your conversations will be, it will please you to know that Softros Messenger has strong encryption for all incoming and outgoing messages meaning that any person without authorization will not be able to view your chat messages. You do not have to worry about system crashes as Softros is very stable, as long as it is running under Windows OS and other IP/TCP networks. Users also have the chance to choose whether they want to send individual messages or group messages.

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An additional advantage of using Softros Messenger is that all users’ messages are logged. This means that you will be able to access your chat history at any time, as it is all saved for you. Furthermore, users do not have to receive any training for them to be able to use it. If you wish to change the settings and outlook of the program, then it is a simple matter that can be attended to by yourself without the need for IT expers.

What are the Features?

  • Chat service with LAN
  • Allows for easy file transfer between colleagues
  • Offers privacy and encryption security
  • Gives options of both individual as well as group messages
  • It logs all your chat history
  • Offers the option to send messages offline
  • No need for any complicated server, Softros is a stand-alone application
  • Very simple installation that can be done by anyone
  • Has support for different languages allowing you to chat in your native language
  • It allows you to group your contacts according to their title, or departments.


It can easily be seen that Softros is an application that you need to have, to ease the intra-office communication you have with your colleagues.


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