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April 24, 2015Internet


Safe IP Hider Coupon

Safe IP Hider is a software program to use to deactivate or activate Internet Protocol hiding process when you need with just one click of the mouse. Now, you can make your web browsing free from hacking and invasive behaviors, as well as you can set it as private and anonymous. With this application tool, users can hide their Internet Protocol addresses, as well as protect their web activity all together.

Likewise, you can use Safe IP Hider to steer clear of online intrusion during those times you are busy with playing web-based games and other applications, sending and receiving emails, surfing websites and web pages, among others. Safe IP Hider is safe and secured to use, as well as it has quicker response compared to other software packages with similar functions and features. By using this application program, you have the power to encrypt all traffics of your internet connection through a private type of proxy, which you can do by browsing in WiFi public hotspots or at home.

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Expectations Safe IP Hider

This program is quick working in terms of choosing the location of anonymous Internet Protocol nearest for getting the quickest speeds of connection possible. With the help of Safe IP Hider, you can effortlessly disguise the address of your Internet Protocol, as well as perform unblocking of websites through the use of SSL-based proxy system. By using this software, users can easily browse the internet minus the possibility of being detected or traced with the help of an Internet Protocol address from a different state or nation.

Also, Safe IP Hider comes with Wifi protection system to liberally surf the internet anonymously. The true IP address of users is meticulously hidden by Safe IP Hider and it lets them surf all web pages minus the hassle of thinking about their Internet Service Provider or many sorts of marketing arms are checking out your cyber activities, as well as it can prevent spammers from invading your entire PC system. Traffic of website activities is diverted to incognito proxies. By using Safe IP Hider, you can make the most out of this software package with the following:

  • Totally comes with comprehensive features for safe usage
  • Users have the options to utilize the nearest location of the IP for connecting the quickest time possible
  • Protects users while they are in the middle of diverse cyber activities
  • Supports major international languages
  • Rotates bogus address of IPs after several minutes
  • User platform that is intuitive

Operating and Computer Systems Requirements

For those who want to use Safe IP Hider, the best move is to adhere to what the software company required for PC owners to use. Below are ideal operating systems for Safe IP Hider.

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows XP


By means of using Safe IP Hider, requested data goes first to the proxy, that when the time the data is transmitted to users. With the help of this software package, the address of the Internet Protocol is visible to the audience and definitely not the IP you are using.


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