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October 8, 2013Internet


GroupMail Personal Edition Coupon

Even just a couple of months back, small and medium businesses relied heavily on search engine optimization to draw prospective buyers to their web pages — GroupMail Personal Edition was a rat race where everyone on the block was trying to be in the good books of Google. Things have changed now. The big G has decided to recruit special members from the animal kingdom into its army — the pandas, penguins cobras and more recently the humming birds. The sole mission of these animals is to wipe off small and medium enterprises from the face of the internet to appease the alter ego of Google’s algorithm. The result? Small and medium enterprises have decided to tread the path of email marketing because that’s often more effective and offers high ROl when done right.

What’s The Best Email Marketing Program?

Nothing qualifies for “best in the field of internet marketing because individual needs and expectations are different.

If you check out majority of the email marketing apps on the market, you’d see that most are designed keeping in mind the needs of large businesses — they come with a lot of bells and whistles that don’t really mean much to startups or medium businesses. The monthly subscription system for instance doesn’t make much sense to startups — no one likes to commit to a monthly investment plan without being sure about the return on investment (remember it’s just a startup?)

GroupMail Personal Edition: It’s Efficient, It’s Cheap

The GroupMail Personal Edition is a fresh breath of air for email marketers. You just pay $149.95 one time and you are on your way to email marketing paradise. The Personal Edition version comes preloaded with 89 easy to use HTML templates for quick mailshots. If you have your email text ready with you, creating a new email takes less than five minutes. Want to have a consistent layout for all your mails? You could customize your templates based on your needs using the super easy WYSIWYG editor.

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GroupMail Performs Right Out of The Box

Importing lists isn’t very easy with most mass mailing apps, especially if you are a newbie. With GroupMail Personal Edition, importing lists is child’s play. List management, subscriptions, unsubscribes requests and bounces are very easy to manage. The Personal Edition also uses up to three delivery connections for superfast sending. Unlike the free version the Personal Edition of GroupMail doesn’t carry the GroupMail stamp in the emails and there’s no cap on the email list size. If you use the Subscriber add-on, invalid emails would automatically be removed from your list. This app basically wants you to succeed! What more could you ask for?

Cons: Importing contacts from Outlook could be a bit tricky. With the Personal Edition, you need to import the Outlook list into Thunderbird (Mozilla) first and from there to GroupMail Personal Edition. Not much of an issue considering the small one time price and plethora of benefits GroupMail Personal Edition offers.


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