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Realtime-Spy Additional PC License Review

May 31, 2016Internet


Realtime-Spy Additional PC License Coupon

As soon as you start using this wonderful software package, you never have to recall or keep in mind long Internet Protocol (IP) addresses or remotely connect to your personal computer. The user must have his/her initiative to direct your webpage browser to safe area of members for log viewing from all sorts of personal computers deployed – the heat is on for this excellent and ideal software package. The complete package features monitoring by Realtime-Spy Additional PC License logs everything that users made on your PC on a stealth mode.
This online tool never require users to perform installation physically, as well as it lets users experience real-time logs’ activity from all corners with no time restriction at all. You never have to install this software application physically, as well as it lets users perform viewing of logs of activities with ease right on the spot – whenever and wherever! Since it comes with all-day all-night round-the-clock viewing from anywhere, Realtime-Spy Additional PC License is probably placed among the best breed of application programs in the market place these days.

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GroupMail Business Edition Review

March 18, 2016Internet


GroupMail Business Edition Coupon

This application program is able to perform statistics data generation, tracing of electronic messages and manage big groups. Additionally, this program is able to effortlessly come up with list of contact backup, messaging and various other significant information that needs saving and keeping. The automatic responding system of this software is perfect for sending automated responses or reminders, messages for birthdays, as well as welcoming electronic mails.

What’s good to know about this cyber tool is displaying of diverse profiles in different social media networking websites, which include Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter that is next to the profile of the contact. Now with GroupMail Business Edition, users are able to activate the buttons for tweeting in their electronic mail accounts that is why receivers can effortlessly perform sharing of newsletters. This software application can easily perform connection to databases externally, which may include Act, Microsoft Outlook, Access, MySQL, as well as SQL.

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PopMessenger Review

December 23, 2015Internet



This application package is running as a chatting platform created for Local Area Network users that lets quick delivery of files or documents, as well as chats on the network used corporately. The best thing to know with PopMessenger is that it can bind all users together through its easy messaging platform and it can be used by people up to managers on 2nd level. Regardless of chatting on private or public facility, as well as sending files or texts, with PopMessenger, users can take advantage of its maximum level of security since the program perfectly encrypts transmitted data. By using PopMessenger, it will become easier for you to use each and every aspect of instant messaging system today, which includes user friendly and customized features for chatting live and history filtering system for messaging such as Offline, Available, DND and many others. PopMessenger comes with the newest tech achievements power combination with intuitive and user friendly platform. This software package includes flexible policy for licensing and free-of-charge version you may try for certain amount of time.

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Advanced Outlook Data Recovery Review

November 23, 2015Internet


Advanced Outlook Data Recovery Coupon

Advanced Outlook Data Recovery is really the software package you can rely on when it comes to recovering all the Outlook stuff you either accidentally or intentionally removed from the system, which you need to recover badly. Advanced Outlook Data Recovery works efficiently for work at home buddies or office workers who get frustrated in getting back the files they have on their Microsoft Windows Outlook accounts. This online tool can help users in many different cases and that gives it an edge over other software packages with similar usages in the marketplace today.

Expectations of Advanced Outlook Data Recovery

For any compelling reason you have removed files with PST format and mistakenly emptied your PC’s Recycle Bin, it will be perfect time for you to use Advanced Outlook Data Recovery. This can also be useful if by human error you deleted a PST file for good without knowing it. Likewise, if you mistakenly done disk partition, and at the same time, you lost the PC drive that has the files in PST format, Advanced Outlook Data Recovery will be there for the rescue.

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GetRight Pro Review

September 28, 2015Internet


GetRight Pro Coupon

GetRight Pro can help users perform rescanning of the exact site in the future and only download modified or latest documents or files, which will definitely save them more money, time and effort. GetRight Pro will definitely save users their resources and finances since this application program can help them find files or documents they downloaded on a personal computer. With just a mouse click, you can effortlessly run your files as soon as they are completed.
The history section of GetRight Pro can help users find documents or files in a snap. GetRight Pro is perhaps one of the ideal programs to use when it comes to file downloading process because it lets users continue the downloading process till it gets completed. This software package makes file downloading tasks quicker and much simpler compared to any other application programs in the marketplace today. If you want to improve your experience in terms of downloading files, GetRight Pro gets all job done for you!

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Mil Shield Review

August 17, 2015Internet


Mil Shield Coupon

Mil Shield offers panic key or boss key for all users’ convenience while using the software package. This online tool supports online surfing tracks’ selective process of cleaning, which may include from index.dat files to cookies to let users experience website browsing convenience and protection of their personal information. Mil Shield is ideal to use since it offers frequent support and no obligation upgrades.

This program package supports the newest software applications in the marketplace today, such as Chrome 35, Firefox 29, IE 11, as well as Microsoft Windows 64-bit and 32-bit Operating System version 8.1. As more new versions are coming, the availability of supports keeps growing. Likewise, Mil Shield runs perfectly on previous versions of browsers, Microsoft Windows OS and personal computers.

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Advanced Email Parser Server (US) Review

June 29, 2015Internet


Advanced Email Parser Server (US) Coupon

If you are looking for a dependable and efficient tool for processing e-mail messages with high ranking traffic and needs only some of your time when it comes to e-mail message processing is Advanced Email Parser Server (US). This application program is a one-of-a-kind solution in terms of automating processes for business purposes. Get the potent and all-in-one processing tool for incoming e-mail messages that help users automatically manage diverse numbers of tasks involving electronic mails. Advanced Email Parser Server (US) helps users in processing electronic e-mail messages coming from different folders of Microsoft Outlook Express, mbox, as well as MAPI/POP/IMAP. Now with this software package, you can make the most out of the messages you received from your inbox with less time pressure, as well as less error at the same time. Know that Advanced Email Parser Server (US) is able to deliver all your expectations when it comes to extracted information entry, e-mail messages fetching, as well as external tool exporting or parsing them into information base.

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CrossFTP Pro Review

May 27, 2015Internet


CrossFTP Pro Coupon

In accordance with Java program, this software application was conceptualized to serve as client for FTP cross-platform program that you can use to accommodate you well in all phases of the process. This online tool includes classic wrapped platform in an extremely user friendly environment that comes with repositories in both local and remote files, respectively, in a classy way. You can speedily obtain any sorts of location, as well as the opportunity to capture and save the paths you have chosen to serve like a bookmark to quickly reach all of them.
In the same manner, CrossFTP Pro retains the locations you accessed recently, as well as it is supporting tabs to help you work with diverse numbers of folders all at once. This software package comes with a few numbers of helpful options you may vouch for. As compared to different clients in FTP format, CrossFTP Pro can help you schedule operations of transfer for chosen entries’ list; moreover, the entire process is set for recurrent programming.

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Safe IP Hider Review

April 24, 2015Internet


Safe IP Hider Coupon

Safe IP Hider is a software program to use to deactivate or activate Internet Protocol hiding process when you need with just one click of the mouse. Now, you can make your web browsing free from hacking and invasive behaviors, as well as you can set it as private and anonymous. With this application tool, users can hide their Internet Protocol addresses, as well as protect their web activity all together.

Likewise, you can use Safe IP Hider to steer clear of online intrusion during those times you are busy with playing web-based games and other applications, sending and receiving emails, surfing websites and web pages, among others. Safe IP Hider is safe and secured to use, as well as it has quicker response compared to other software packages with similar functions and features. By using this application program, you have the power to encrypt all traffics of your internet connection through a private type of proxy, which you can do by browsing in WiFi public hotspots or at home.

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Auto FTP Manager v5 Review

February 24, 2015Internet


Auto FTP Manager v5 Coupon

Auto FTP Manager v5 is indeed a very useful software. Since Auto FTP Manager v5 has been classified as multi-threaded, it lets users connect to diverse FTP servers all at once. This software package is able to do file transfers while working on other things on the side. Auto FTP is potent and fast connect file managing system to make transfer of files from an FTP server to a personal computer or vice versa as easy as one location dragging to another.

By using Auto FTP Manager v5 package, you can easily synch 2 different directories. This also comes with a mechanism that captures as well as save actions and then you can keep them later for playback purposes. The control system of advanced filter is responsible for transferring files in accordance with their date of change, type and other required fields.

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Total HTML Converter Review

January 23, 2015Internet


Total HTML Converter Coupon

This software package makes it easier for users to utilize the folder contents of the hard drive structure, and at the same time every item is included within some sort of directory, as well as the file you selected comes with a preview. During the process of import, MHT, Hypertext Markup Language and HTM formatted docs are being supported, whereas the process of export is effortlessly done by means using file extensions including formats like ODT, RTF, EMF, TXT, GIF, TIFF, JPG, XLS, PDF and DOC. The panels included in the program is printable or refreshable by a simple button clicking process, and at the same time, users are able to convert diverse number of items as they incorporate processing in batches. Likewise with Total HTML Converter, users are able to perform directory view filtering, while adding things to your favorites, otherwise utilize the prompt for line of command.

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Advanced Exchange Recovery Review

January 14, 2015Internet


Advanced Exchange Recovery Coupon

This software package can help you in data loss threat when a file gets corrupted. Likewise, Advanced Exchange Recovery is helpful when there is a crash of the server, which may bring about file inaccessibility. Advanced Exchange Recovery comes with a diverse number of advantages to its users, notwithstanding the price of this software.

Advanced Exchange Recovery is supporting exchange versions, including 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, as well as 5.5 and 5.0. This application program supports recovery of OST formatted file notes, journals, requested tasks, incoming tasks, lists of distribution, contacts info, requested meeting, appointments, posts, folders, as well as email messages recovery. Advanced Exchange Recovery is supporting the retrieval of email messages in formats set up as Hypertext Markup Language, plain text, as well as RTF.

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Security Monitor Pro 4 Camera License Review

January 5, 2015Internet


Security Monitor Pro 4 Camera License Coupon

In terms of recording and monitoring of diverse Internet Protocol camera units, Security Monitor Pro 4 Camera License is the one you can count on, as well as to any sort of cam units directly and simultaneously connected to the personal computer. Now with Security Monitor Pro 4 Camera License, users can easily monitor the activities and what’s happening in their parking area, warehouse, store, workplace or household from your personal computer through the use of the web. This software package is user-friendly and very dependable for normal business operations everyday.
Configuring this program will take you just a couple of minutes, no matter if you are a new user. At the present time, there is an estimated of greater than a thousand diverse Internet Protocol cam models, as well as supporting webcams used for virtual purposes. Security Monitor Pro 4 Camera License comes with every vital feature a user is needed, and at the same time, it is the ideal option in video surveillance system following an Internet Protocol.

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Advanced Email Parser Workstation (US) Review

October 16, 2014Internet


Advanced Email Parser Workstation (US) Coupon

In today’s world, electronic mail messages are the major requirement and need of every industry and company to achieve success. The info coming from an electronic mail message is utilized in diverse programs more frequently. When it comes to transferring of information derived from messages sent through electronic mail to various other programs, you need to parse then proceed with processing them to begin with.

Manual message processing needs you to exert more effort and spend more of your time since the errors are extremely vulnerable. Advanced Email Parser Workstation (US) makes more successful processing of electronic messages because it allows you to perform parsing, processing and transferring of data into a different program instantly. Advanced Email Parser Workstation (US) is utilized for the purpose of performing diverse number of relevant tasks, which includes received order forms processing through the help of sending electronic mails to instantly respond to different clients automatically.

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Advanced Outlook Express Data Recovery Review

September 4, 2014Internet


Advanced Outlook Express Data Recovery Coupon

Now, you can easily retrieve your lost electronic mail messages extracted from your Microsoft Outlook Express account which may come from any sort of mediums, drives or disks. If you really like to save and maintain the information from your Microsoft Outlook Express account, theirs is only one software package that can help you is none other than Advanced Outlook Express Data Recovery. You need not to worry if you have already stored in your.

DBX formatted documents from your email account to your previous disks or drives locally, and afterwards, whatever the reason there is you can never get an access or recover back the data derived from your Outlook email account, there is an ideal software package you may utilize to retrieve back electronic mail messages from your email account coming from your PC disks or drives.

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Advanced Outlook Repair Review

August 20, 2014Internet


Advanced Outlook Repair Coupon

Advanced Outlook Repair supports retrieving back of ruined Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, electronic mail messages, and many others. This software application supports Hypertext Markup Language bodies embedding process, messages with attached image files, diverse types of documents, as well as recovery of ruined file attachments. This sort of application program supports recovery process of Hypertext Markup Language files, as well as RTF formatted files and even plain texts.
By using the Advanced Outlook Repair, you can effortlessly recover various properties, including but not limited to dates, as well as electronic mail parts such as blind carbon copy, carbon copy, message from and to, email subject, and many others. Now with Advanced Outlook Repair, you can quickly and easily retrieve back documents and files that you lost due to unexpected or intended reasons. The files you can easily recover using Advanced Outlook Repair includes PST file’s contacts, tasks, folders, emails, and many other relevant documents.

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Spam Reader Review

July 19, 2014Internet


Spam Reader Coupon

Still looking for the best MS Outlook junk mail/spam filtering program until now? Well, there’s a better way to manage all your spam or junk messages for good because Spam Reader is here in the marketplace today. This software package comes with Bayesian filtering combination with clever works and white lists for all types of accounts. Spam Reader is user-friendly and comes with simple-to-use platform. This application program generally supports major MS Outlook types of accounts, which includes HTTP, IMAP, POP and Exchange.

With software application, it’s possible to accurately filter spam messages following a few training. The user must communicate to the filter the things it needs to perform to eradicate spam messages from your electronic mail account. Don’t be discouraged yet when you encounter errors on the first days of using this program. All outcomes will greatly depend according to things you expect, as well as the filter performance.

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Offline Explorer Pro Review

June 18, 2014Internet


Offline Explorer Pro Coupon

Now, you can effortlessly download your chosen FTP, Web and HTTPS sites, which may come to about 500+ one at a time. Through the help of Offline Explorer Pro, users can easily find, surf, as well as perform CD export or do diverse operations of the websites you downloaded with the use of a platform that is intuitive, convenient and clear. This software application lets users download numerous websites in any formats such as FTP, HTTPS and the conventional one for viewing offline at a later time, browsing or editing downloads in MMS, RSTP or PNM formats.
This software application is able to generate a static version of your favorite websites in all formats without the need of connecting to the web. At the same time, it comes with diverse features for website development that let users search, browse, and view or edit website pages they have downloaded.

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MorphVOX Pro Review

May 21, 2014Internet


MorphVOX Pro Coupon

Now, you can easily turn your voice into a different one whenever you need it. With superior changing technology for voices, you may begin using MorphVOX Pro for a smarter move. This program comes with a background cancelling system to obtain a crystal-clear change in your voice.
By using this software package, you can easily get rid of an electrical interfering process that reduces the humming and other sort of noises in the background. Through the help of MorphVOX Pro, you can pretend that you’re in a shopping mall or experiencing trouble in the middle of traffic while you speak during a chat session or internet gaming activity. With MorphVOX Pro, you can easily hide your real voice on the web due to its technological advancement in morphing sounds and voices. Experience a different approach of changing your voice by using a high quality software application by the name of MorphVOX Pro. This program from Screaming Bee offers the best features and benefits no way you can find from any similar programs available in the marketplace today.

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Realtime-Spy Review

Realtime-Spy Coupon

Now, you can totally depend on the revolutionary software that can help you easily monitor and thoroughly check every workers move in the entire facilities of your company. Definitely, you can rely on this program for good whenever possible that you need to closely check what’s happening inside your business premises. With Realtime-Spy, you can better assure that every move a worker performs is seen through a screen and there’ll be nothing that can be hidden from your naked eye. Your entire business will have the fullest sort of security when you start to use this perfect software.

No matter is you’re outside the country or overseas, you can still keep track of everything that your business operation is involved with. Realtime-Spy is the answer to your needs when it comes to closely monitoring all activities and performance that each worker is doing.

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