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Regardless of what you have like contact lists, messages, tasks, events, you name it, VueMinder Calendar Pro is able to make the connection smoothly, that’s why the details and facts you want to know is accessible all the time. It can help users in calendar printing process for effortless viewing while not online with the use of diverse layouts and styles. You can use this software when it comes to data exporting and importing through utilization of diverse formatted files, which include texts, Excel, ICS and CSV.
By using this application program today, you can easily organize all your important meetings and engagements with the help of notes, events in color-coding system, and different sorts of tasks. If you like, you can add images on the background to specific dates that you think is important to you. You can use this software package in terms of defining personalized field data for diverse number of relevant purposes.

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Expectations of VueMinder Calendar Pro

You can use VueMinder Calendar Pro in saving your Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) webpage-based calendar for the purpose of website viewing on a read-only mode. Now with VueMinder Calendar Pro, users can keep their vital information secured through the use of this program’s feature for backup purposes automatically built-in. The best thing to know about this program is the fact it is accessible in all recognized international languages, at the same time, it uses regional formats for a time and date setup.

All users of this application program are allowed to come up with their customized calendar, along with their personalized notes and reminders in the exact software. You can use calendar filters for diverse types of events and make every event a priority by using number codes then color them to distinguish one from the other based on the significance they have on your schedules. VueMinder Calendar Pro comes with a platform you can easily access that is perfect for regular usage. In addition, this application tool includes diverse themes predefined and editing system you may use for limitless modifying process. With VueMinder Calendar Pro, you may expect to experience the following advantages, such as:

  • Offers extremely customizable platform
  • Comprehensive online and built-in tutorials for help purposes
  • Changes the displaying manner of your time and dates
  • Calendars in printed form
  • Calendars with codes of colors
  • Enables files attachment capability
  • Includes restoration and backup systems
  • Includes images or pictures in the background.

Operating and Computer Systems Requirements

VueMinder Calendar Pro is only compatible with leading Microsoft Windows operating system versions in the marketplace. Here are the best versions that must run your PC to use VueMinder Calendar Pro smoothly:

  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1
  • Microsoft Windows 10


With VueMinder Calendar Pro, you can easily customize all calendars you need to use through adding photos in the wall for dates purposes. This software package lets users track down diverse sorts of reminders, events, tasks or appointments you have in mind. VueMinder Calendar Pro is allows usage of multiple numbers of calendars then layered organize.

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