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For people looking to use a desktop-based translating tool that eases the use of popular search engine such as Google to come up with text translations in no time, TranslateClient Pro is the best software you can depend on. TranslateClient Pro is an ideal software application for a diverse number of online documents or webpages that are available in diverse types of languages as you perform a web searching process. This program package directly supports over 50 major international languages comparable with that of Google Translate free online application.

TranslateClient Pro is programmed to automatically perform the text language detection. On the contrary, users may likewise enter the options’ settings, as well as opt for their language of choice. This text language translating software comes with the desktop version of the widely-popular online translation program such Google Translate and many other web-based translating services. In addition, TranslateClient Pro is a great option in terms of easy and fast text language translating services.

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What TranslateClient Pro Can Offer Its Users

If you’re looking for the best software that comes with many features and benefits that you cannot find from other similar online programs, then TranslateClient Pro is the one for you. This software application includes an extremely comprehensive preferences menu option that let users indicate their mode of actions ranging from the setting of Proxy to the primary platform appearance. At the same time, TranslateClient Pro allows you perform a translation process by just clicking an icon, left clicking, otherwise, selecting the exact text, which makes the translation process much faster. This software package is user-friendly and comes with accessible features for a smooth text translation process.

With TranslateClient Pro, you can:

  • Make the most of its comprehensive preferences menu
  • Perform one-click translation process
  • Access various features for easy text translation

TranslateClient Pro System Requirements and Restrictions

For people who are seeking to use TranslateClient Pro, they need to adhere to the system requirements set for this software. If you wish to use TranslateClient Pro smoothly and without any hassles in the future, your personal computer, either it’s a laptop (notebook, netbook), or desktop, your entire computer system must have 32 megabytes of Random Access Memory or RAM, it’s 233 megahertz and has WAN or Wide Area Network. On the contrary, TranslateClient Pro edition is the only software that has Google Translation services, which is not found in any other similar application programs. TranslateClient Pro is the translation software of choice!


TranslateClient Pro is probably the best and ideal software program you can rely on when it comes to text translations from one language to a different language because it’s much simpler to utilize and users need no further training at all!


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