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If you’re a school administrator, teacher, student or anyone who likes to keep track of the attendance as well as the school grading system, the best software to use is Gradekeeper Single License. For those looking for a grade keeping and attendance tracking software, whether they’re using a Mac or Windows operated computer, Gradekeeper Single License is the perfect choice for all users.

Imagine just one Gradekeeper license and everyone in a school department or district can take advantage of its grade keeping and attendance tracking platform. At the same time, you can also use this software at home if you like to check your progress and improvement when it comes to your grades and attendances. Just like the conventional paper grade book that’s used in all learning centers, schools and universities, Gradekeeper Single License comes with very simple and easy to use program.

Simply start using the Gradekeeper software and everything is taken care of including attendances and grades, respectively.

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This application program can help you with posting grades on the web, chart seating, report printing, and most especially, computing grades. With Gradekeeper Single License, synchronization with your PC and all your handheld mobile gadgets is now easier to help record both attendances and grades, at the same time, check them wherever you are. Today, you can find greater than a hundred school districts and 3000 learning institutions within both Canada and USA that take advantage of Gradekeeper Single License software.

In addition, one can choose whether to use the Gradekeeper version intended only for a certain university or school, or go for a school district version. This makes Gradekeeper Single License a versatile software which everyone can use in either PC that using Windows OS or otherwise, computers using Mac. The great thing to know about is that Gradekeeper Single License is ideal to use whether you’re at school or simply at home.

What’s more, with Gradekeeper software you never have to pay your membership or subscription more than once, whether you intend to use it at school or when you’re relaxing at home. Keep in mind that you only require a single payment for this software then you’re good to go. No annual fees, no hidden fees or whatsoever, just pay once and Gradekeeper Single License is yours to keep. Plus, as soon as you pay your membership, you can also take advantage of using new versions of Windows or Mac operating systems.


You can pay your Gradekeeper software whatever mode of payment is convenient for you, no matter if you like to pay it by money order or by check or even credit card or debit card. Gradekeeper is available in versions such as single use for $20, school edition for $100 and a district license for $500. Gradekeeper offers a lot of options for people or entity who like to take advantage of their grade keeping and attendance tracking services.


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