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For those looking to use a software package with dialog that is thoroughly dock-able and re-imagined tabbed Replace/Find option that comes with a layout and platform which is greatly enhanced. UEStudio at the same time included complete support on the clipboard for multi-select and multi-caret, as well as it comes with more custom editor themes support. Now with UEStudio, users are able to change or transfer between Replace in Files, Find in Files, Replace, and Find quickly. By turning every dialogs accessible, conveniently in a pane, you can dock at any time, users are able to switch from Replace in Files to Find in Files to Find to Replace and so on as you keep your settings for search in one ordinary window. This latest and innovative Find option you can dock is the one you can anchor to the main application window’s reverse side. Likewise, this software package includes customized color theme to make your work appear livelier and complete, and it comes with simplified and reorganized layout for a magnificent search quality experience.

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As you all know, the tabs in the dock-able dialog of Find remains supporting the accelerators of keyboard that everybody is using, and for this reason, users will have access to perform parameter changing process while on a searching task and never use any mouse.

This software package comes with selection features such as copy, cut then paste. Through this software package, users are allowed to copy, cut or even paste selections or non-continuous lines at the same time. Moreover, UEStudio is able to trace when a quantity of selections or lines on the active clipboard is the same as the quantity of file carets, therefore when it’s pasted, every option or line is inserted into the file’s respective and corresponding caret.

What UEStudio Has to Offer

Now, you’ll have the chance to use a software package with the highest level of flexibility and versatility. UEStudio comes with project templates that are both predefined and preconfigured for widely-used programming assemblers and compilers, which includes GNU C++/C, Java, C++ Microsoft Visual and many more! This software program comes with really high-hat UEStudio operations of the IDE. Through UEStudio, you’ll certainly take pleasure from using it because of the following:

  • Better file tabs diacritics display
  • German localization improvements for searching key accelerator files
  • Non-English versions and OS adjustment dialog
  • Localization improvements

OS Requirements in Using UEStudio

People who are looking to use this wonderful software application must adhere to the requirements need for it before they can use it hassle-free. To better operate UEStudio, always make it a point that you have basic knowledge in the way to take advantage of its benefits and features without much trouble. Before you can use UEStudio smoothly, your personal computer must run under one of the following operating systems:

  • MS Windows 8
  • MS Windows 7
  • MS Windows Vista
  • MS Windows XP


If you’re looking to use the best software in terms of benefits and features intended for Integrated Development Environment, the best one to use is UEStudio. This application program offers the advantages no way you can find from others.


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