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July 23, 2013eBooks


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Weight loss is big business. There are many businesses that are making money selling books, exercise videos, and exercise equipment that they promise will help people lose weight. There are some of these weight loss ideas that work, and there are others that are just a waste of money. The only weight that people lose with some of these plans is the weight of the money that is missing from the wallet.

It is not always easy to tell which plans will work, and which plans will not work. The key is to look at what the plans promise to do. If they are based on sound theories they are likely to work. Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is a book that describes a weight loss program that is based on sound principles. The book was written by Tom Venuto. It is available as a download for those who are interested. The eBook that is downloaded may be the key to losing the weight that you have tried for so long to do.

Get a Healthy Body with Tom Venuto’s Weight Loss Program

According to Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle eBook, if people are carrying extra weight in the form of fat, they are not helping their body. Fat is dense and is difficult to get rid of. It does not add energy to your body. Muscle, on the other hand is lean. It will actually burn a lot of energy to sustain itself. When you are building muscle, you will be able to lose the fat.

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There are many programs that promise to help you melt the fat off of the body. Many of these programs suggest you take pills or follow a radical diet. They could be successful and help you lose the fat off of your body. But the fat you lose may not be permanently loss. When you stop the radical diet or the pills, the fat returns.

The program that is outlined in Tom Venuto’s book is a sustainable program. It is something that can be done even after you have achieved your goals. The great thing about muscle is that you have to eat more to keep feeding it. Even though you are adding calories to your diet, the calories are being burned off by the muscle. It will help you stay thin permanently.

As people read about this fat loss program, they might think that it is just another gimmick. Tom Venuto is proof that the idea works. He is a 7 time natural bodybuilding champion. He has been a trainer, athlete and fat loss coach for over 20 years. He understands how the body works and provides that information to you over the 337 pages of the eBook. He has used his experience to write the manual that others can follow.


While it is great that this weight loss program can help you get the body you want, it is the experience you will have after you have reached your goals that is even better. You will be able to eat more foods and will have more energy as a result of your healthier body. Anyone who has tried weight loss programs in the past and failed, needs to get this eBook. It will provide the answers that they are looking for.


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