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SoftXpand Duo Description

People who already own a powerful desktop don’t need to spend money in order to purchase another one. However, they tend to go for a home theater PC or a HTPC because it enhances the experience of playing games with high end graphics. Purchasing a separate HTPC is `extremely expensive and SoftXpand Duo can give you a one with no extra cost. It reuses your basic gaming desktop and you will not have to spend thousands of dollars on additional equipment.  

SoftXpand 2011 Duo expands the use of any laptop or desktop allowing an additional person to work simultaneously and independently on the same computer. The additional workstation can be easily added by connecting a monitor, keyboard and mouse to the PC. SoftXpand 2011 Duo is ideal for home use, each user can surf the web, play a computer game, or stream full HD movies while using only a small fraction of the PC’s CPU capabilities.

SoftXpand Duo 2011 Duo is specially designed for two workstations and is licensed for personal, non-commercial use. On the other hand, SoftXpand 2011 Duo supports an unlimited number of workstations, depending only on hardware performance and is targeted for use in organizations such as educational institutions, SMBs, SOHOs, government and financials,” said Raz Rafaeli, MiniFrame’s CEO.

“To provide users with a SoftXpand Duo version that supports the latest Windows operating system has been the main focus of MiniFrame over the past year. Following extensive development, we are now pleased to offer products for both the commercial and consumer markets,” Mr. Rafaeli added.

SoftXpand 2011 Duo is available to purchase online, while SoftXpand 2011 is distributed worldwide through Mainframe partners. Together with the SoftXpand 2011 Duo launch, MiniFrame releases a new improved version of SoftXpand 2011, which was initially launched in April 2011. “The new version offers simplified mechanisms for quicker and easier workstation set up,” said Raz Rafaeli. 

SoftXpand 2011 is the only zero client product that can easily fit into any type of organization. The product enables new cutting edge B2B solutions including Point of Sale, Interactive Digital Signage, and Digital Menus in restaurants. For the consumer market, SoftXpand 2011 offers unique entertainment and smart home solutions that simply connect all TV’s, computer monitors and mobile devices to a single PC using existing network & wireless infrastructure.

Get your own SoftXpand Duo at an affordable price through SoftXpand Duo Coupons! Click here to get more information.  Miniframe, which is looking to provide do more for less solutions to the people have established a strong position in the market by providing high quality user friendly products to the people in need. Looking to turn your single computer into two at no additional cost? Then check out this SoftXpand Duo Review.

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  • Julia

    This is amazing. WORKED right now :-) Thanks!

  • Julien

    Woo! Worked for me!

  • Henry

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  • Clara

    just used this code today to buy the program. to my surprise it worked.

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  • Pip Harris

    Used it and it worked and I ‘ve got a discount. Hooray for ten dollars!

  • Logan

    Big fat discount offered by Biggest Coupon Code but only if you click on “Order Now” button!!! Thanks!!!


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