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Softros Messenger Description

Softros Messenger is an extremely intuitive solution for intra-office instant communication. Filled with features and built in such a way that it is extremely easy to use and install, Softros Messenger is the perfect solution for any size organization. The LAN messages sent with Softros Messenger are encrypted and entirely secure, guaranteeing that no one but the intended can gain access to the messages. No server is required for set-up, and works under limited-windows accounts. It does not require an internet connection, meaning there is no concern that employees are wasting time or resources apart from work.

 Built with the workplace in mind, Softros Messenger comes preloaded with features to generate productivity through enhanced communication. It is very easy to group users, by departments, titles or projects. From here, it is possible to broadcast to the entire group, or speak with individuals alone. All messages are logged and available for future reference, files can easily and quickly be transferred and the administrators may restrict the abilities of limited users, all intuitively with the click of a button!  

Other messaging clients are bulky, very complex or reliant on an internet connection. Communication in a fast effective way is a necessity for success in an enterprise; however, many solutions create a decrease in productivity as opposed to stimulating creativity. Everything, each and every feature, was thoroughly thought out with Softros Messenger, from the LAN-based internet free connection, up through to group messaging – Softros Messenger is built to allow for your employees to communicate effectively while staying on task at work. 

Whether the user is online, or offline, messages are delivered to them, free of dedicated storage. The ease of use makes Softros Messenger a very attractive messaging client to many individuals – it does not require an IT department to set up. Simply install on each computer which you wish to use it, and begin chatting. It is that easy. With a dedicated support team, any issues you may come by are sure to be settled instantly – ensuring you lose no valuable time getting the job done.

 With 18 languages supported for the client, you can comfortably chat in your native tongue and your workers can do the same! It is a waste of time using the phone to invite each individual to each meeting. Strolling about the office to find that one individual to solve that one particular issue is uncalled for. Softros Messenger fixes these issues, and problems you did not realize you have, instantly and ergonomically, with just one click of a button!

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  • Grace Phillips

    Works :) I’ve just bought!

  • Luca

    Code is good today :)

  • Antoine

    this never expires… great

  • Jesse Robinson

    figured it out! it works!

  • Shruthi Sethi

    Does indeed work!

  • Siddharth Chauhan

    This worked just fine for me. :)

  • Eve Johnston

    I’ve almost missed a great discount because I couldn’t see the discount. Just click on the Order Now button and you will see the discount on the checkout page. Keep up the great work Biggest Coupon Code!!!

  • Clo

    just used it, worked fine


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