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Safe IP Hider Description

If hiding your Internet Protocol (IP) address is the best thing you think you can do to make all your online or web activities anonymous or discreet, Safe IP Hider is the one for you. You can use this software package to hide your IP wherever you maybe. This software package will show available proxies seen on the menu’s drop-down list; afterwards, it puts needed proxies to a different list on the drop-down menu as soon as you have tested all of them. 

This software package comes with masking ability, which is not available with any other similar programs in the marketplace today. As a user of this software, you will definitely like its masking feature when the Internet Protocol is being hidden. Get to use the best tool to protect the privacy and discreetness of your IP with Safe IP Hider. 

This program tool hides your Internet Protocol address, which can disguise all your activities on the web from ISP or website tracking systems. Safe IP Hider blocks codes that have invasive potentials which may bring about harm or access your PCs info inadvertently, and at the same time, it comes with the best web-based protection for privacy reason by means of internet traces cleaning. This application program is classified as a changer for Internet Protocol with an advanced level that can keep your PC safe and secured from all sorts of hacking activities by means of IP address disguising or turning into an incognito state. 

Safe IP Hider can also hide your computer’s OS info at the same time. This software package can make changes to your Internet Protocol every time you surf the net or many other similar activities online for the purpose of blocking other users to see your real IP address when you browse or surf the internet. Safe IP Hider makes sure that internet users will have ultimate protection within the cyberspace. 

Safe IP Hider includes the best software features users can vouch for like the following:
1.Longer service life minus the ads.
2.Encrypts traffic of your web connection, whether if you are surfing inside the house or in public places with active WiFi facilities.
3.Safe disguising of the identification of your Internet Protocol’s address.
4.Use for optimizing diverse types of scenarios.
5.Lets users go for bogus IPs locations.
6.Software program use with ease.

Safe IP Hider is best used for Microsoft Windows only internet browsing tool – Internet Explorer, but there are also available software packages you can use for other world renowned internet browsers such as Avant, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Netscape. However when it comes to testing purposes, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is the best choice. This application program includes cleaning of temporary web files, cookies, Uniform Resource Locator bar, as well as browsing history regardless if Safe IP Hider never clear up any of those mentioned as soon as the button for Cleanup is clicked.

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  • Shriya

    Code is good today :)

  • Ryan

    This worked just fine for me. :)

  • Raju

    works with the discount off! I couldn’t believe it whooo!!

  • Valentina Schulze


  • Ruby

    This was a great coupon, saved me my cash.

  • Daniel

    Greatest discount ever!! click “Order Now” button now or else you’ll miss it!!

  • Alice

    Worked for me today

  • Hugo

    just worked a few minutes ago – thanks!

  • Arusha

    Worked for me today

  • Mahesh Neelam

    Worked today!!!! Thanks!!!

  • Zoe Gonzalez

    just worked–thanks!


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