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Jaksta for Windows Description

Get to know the best way and remarkable software you can use to download your preferred streamed videos as well as MP3 files that you can find from various websites such as music pages, chat sites and video-sharing sites in the likes of DailyMotion and YouTube.

This software package can help you convert all sorts of multimedia file formats including MP4, AVI, WMV, MP3 and many others. Jaksta for Windows is the one you’re looking for when it comes to saving all your video and audio files directly to your personal computer which may reach about tenfold of speed compared to many other application programs.

Additionally, Jaksta for Windows is a kind of software package that’s extremely easy to utilize. You can use this application program if you wish to download files from HTTP-supported websites which may run about ten times faster than the ordinary which depends on your internet connectivity and servers’ media streaming capacity. Moreover, Jaksta for Windows is the ideal downloading tool since it’s compatible to any browser you like to use. Jaksta for Windows is truly a remarkable software product you can buy.

Jaksta for Windows software has everything in store for all users with the following features and benefits:
1.Supports best downloading system.
2.All-browser independent platform.
3.Makes multimedia stream searching extremely easier.
4.Downloads audio and video files from various websites.
5.Offline stream media access for downloads and conversions.
6.Video sharing, video, chat and music websites multimedia downloading mechanism.
7.MySpace stream recording system.
8.YouTube stream recording system.
9.Metacafe stream recording system.
10.AOL Video stream recording system.
11.AOL Music stream recording system.
12.Pandora stream recording system.
13.Charle Rose stream recording system.
14.Project PlayList stream recording system.
15.Google Video stream recording system.
16.NBC stream recording system.
17.Reuters stream recording system.
18.Yahoo! Music stream recording system.
19.Yahoo! Live stream recording system.
20.XM Radio streaming recording system.
21.Sirius Radio stream recording system.
22.Grooveshark stream recording system.
23.ABC iView stream recording system.
24.DailyMotion stream recording system.
25.BBC stream recording system.
26.Live365 stream recording system.
27.Blip.tv stream recording system.
28.StumbleAudio stream recording system.
29.Free-of-charge process of downloading videos from YouTube.
30.Speedy HTTP downloading process.
31.YouTube flash video quick downloading.

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  • Karan

    Thanks for the discount…it worked for me

  • Gabriel

    Worked for me today

  • Bailey Brown

    worked for me

  • Mahesh

    Wow!! Like your discount Biggest Coupon Code!! By the way guys don’t forget to click Order Now button too!!!

  • Anna Young

    Saved good cash $$$$

  • Dylan

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  • Ma

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