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Handy Submit Description

“Handy Submit” provides assistance in mass submission of web forms. It accelerates copy-paste operations, making manual form submission process easy and fast. “Handy Submit” can help you to submit any form containing text inputs, because the given software allows to manage text fields of all kinds, either multi or single line. All that you need is to pre-enter your custom field names and values, such as Company Name, Company Site, Keywords or anything else, and after that filling of these fields with 2 mouse clicks will become possible for any web form. Moreover, “Handy Submit” allows to manage lists of submission URLs (Search Engines, Post boards, etc), simplifying their storing and navigation.

Today, many posting sites have strong spam protection systems (confirmation codes, authorization, etc), making automatic form submission nearly impossible. Automatic promotion and submission software costs much and not always is able to cope with the problem put by. In that case “Handy Submit” grants extremely cheap and foolproof solution.

Program features:

Allows to add custom fields;

Supports multi and single line text fields;

Has simple and user friendly interface;

Supports storing of multiple field lists;

Allows fast switching between field lists;

Has Microsoft Internet Explorer integration;

Allows to manage URL collections;

Supports storing of multiple URL lists;

Allows fast switching between URL lists;
Allows to mark URLs as ‘already processed’ or ‘skipped’;

Allows drag & drop of fields text on the form;

Program distribution includes sample URL list with more than 200 PAD-enabled software download sites;

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  • Seraphina

    still work. Thanks

  • Sofia

    I love this coupon!

  • Isabel Watson

    This works! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Lana

    Hi all … click on order now button to see the discount!!

  • Lavanya Sai

    this never expires… great

  • Lisa

    it just worked for me!

  • Luca

    Worked now. Awesome. Thanks!

  • Harry Ward

    I absolutely love it!!!!

  • Muhammad Allen

    just used it, worked fine


9 Responses to Handy Submit coupon


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