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Folder Lock Description

If you have your own PC, whether it maybe a laptop or a desktop, you should make it a point that your system is fully protected from all types of virtual invasion such as hackers, viruses, malicious software and Trojans. Now, there’s a better way to completely protect your computer system by the coming of an ideal software program from Netsoftwares.

The best online application program suitable for all computer users is Folder Lock. With Folder Lock, you can definitely assure that your entire computer system will not get busted by unscrupulous people who are trying to ruin all your personal information which may include but not limited to files, folders, drives and private data stored in your computer memory.

Folder Lock eases the problem of experiencing data loss, ruined folder, invaded privacy, as well as outside intervention of your personal information. By using the Folder Lock security tool and computer protection software, you will definitely have better opportunity to lock in all your private data without the worry of being touched or altered by anyone other than you. Generally speaking, all computer users in the world, whether it’s for personal or business purposes, need Folder Lock because it can better protect all database files and important information for various purposes.

Since accessing anything from your computer, even your desktop icons and folders need password; therefore, nobody can change or delete anything from them. For better security and protection for your computers, especially, all the data and information on the entire system, Folder Lock is the answer you’ve been waiting for!

Folder Lock security tool and information protection software can provide you the following features and benefits given below:
1.Supports 3 systems including NTFS, FAT32 and FAT.
2.Available in various major world languages.
3.High-level rate of performance.
4.High protection level.
5.Auto activation of protection following an idle status.
6.Hide folder instantly as one of the commands in Windows Explorer.
7.Tray program managing ability.
8.Lock folder protected by password.
9.Windows desktop locking ability so that intervention on your desktop icons and shortcuts is not possible.
10.Data access restrictions against other internet and local network users.
11.Unlimited object protection.
12.Protection of folders as well as drives and files with a password.
13.Hiding ability of folders, drives and files.

Going for Folder Lock will never waste even a single cent from your pocket because it’s really worth buying for! If you have Folder Lock in your system, no one can access anything from your computer including those seem very easy to open files.

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  • Ma

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  • Rebecca

    Magic! – it did work!!!

  • Nolan Lim

    saved good money!

  • George Edwards

    Worked beautifully. Saved good amount on my order!!! AWESOME :)

  • Hannah

    Worked for me today

  • Elizabeth

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  • Felix Gonzalez

    Worked for me! I was able to use this code and get a discount. Nice!

  • Gaurav

    works with the discount off! I couldn’t believe it whooo!!

  • Nico

    This code WORKED! Thanks!

  • Killian Lefevre

    This is the coolest discount I ever came across!!! Great that I clicked on the “Order Now” button too.


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