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ExtremeCopy Description

This program package comes with a plethora of features and benefits never can be found with other similar online products and software. ExtremeCopy is controllable because through this software, users are able to continue or stop the process of duplication when needed and the time remaining is exactly displayed and computed. ExtremeCopy comes with easy to use and user friendly mechanism, and at the same time, it supports diverse international languages, so it can be used by all software enthusiasts around the world. 

For those looking for the best file duplication approach, ExtremeCopy is the software application that offers the opportunity to accelerate the speed of transfer of about 120% and above. This application tool comes with a few beneficial features that are not included in any Microsoft Windows duplicating programs. Generally speaking, ExtremeCopy can boost the speed of downloading, as well as its manner of user interaction is beneficial since it can effectively handle transfer of files. 

You may consider this program as the practical software for the purpose of quicker file transferring task as compared the default duplicating program of Microsoft Windows. For any reason you are involved with moving and duplicating operations frequently, you can still boost your level of efficiency through ExtremeCopy. It is an MS Windows integrated program and basically substituting the shortcut for keyboard pasting panel used in folders or files. 

Likewise, the context menu has it the location where file pasting or app launching options, respectively, are found. ExtremeCopy’s advanced level of setup can help users perform application behavior modification upon file overwriting or a system error occurs. Users have the option to perform program configuration to let them confirm their actions or do an action present should they meet a specific criteria. ExtremeCopy offers the best features such as the following:
1.Software version for users at home.
2.Stops and continues file duplication process.
3.Integrates with MS Windows Explorer seamlessly.
4.Verifies files destination.
5.Quick file duplication process.

Moreover, this application functions smoothly on every versions of Microsoft Windows and never require privileges of an admin not until you opt to use the entries of Context Menu. As a whole, ExtremeCopy comes with an extremely promising package of features and offers distinctive benefits above all other similar software. This online tool is perfect for both professional or expert users and new users.

ExtremeCopy is the ideal software for those looking for the best program to transfer files for a number of times. At the same time, it comes with user friendly platform that is accessible in just one window.

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    Nice discount!! If you haven’t clicked on Order Now button, do it right away and see your discount.

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