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BestSync 2015 Description

The best thing to know these days that an innovative software package you can use for folder and file synchronization is here by the name of BestSync 2015. This application program is user-friendly, as well as a dependable and potent utility program you can use for synchronizing and back up processes. BestSync 2015 help users to perform local folder and file backing up and synchronization, which includes BestDAV latest Android folder version, archive of ZIP files, collection of WebDAV, as well as SFTP/FTPES/FTPS/FTP formatted folders. 

With BestSync 2015, you can instantly back up and synchronize just Microsoft Outlook electronic mails, and at the same time, helps you perform detection of renamed, transferred, removed or modified files, as well as folder analysis. Ahead of file or folder synchronization, this online tool can help users back up every file found on their PCs that will be removed or substituted while synchronization is on process. 

BestSync 2015 is probably the most vital and distinct software option during diverse location synchronization. Because of this, every stages of authentic files is easily retrieved, that is why utilizing BestSync 2015 than various other similar programs is the best move you can make. With BestSync 2015, users will have worry-free and hassle-free updating and synchronizing of PC folders and files. 

This application program comes with amazing and wonderful features needed for use in companies and industries. Through the help of BestSync 2015, synchronization of all your folders and all your files on your personal computer will become effortless and easier than ever! By using USB-based drives, NAS or Shared folder, you can maintain folders and files in their exact form between companies, whether they are subsidiaries or branches. 

Make it a point that you are working on the exact files you have updated while BestSync 2015 is running. This program is supporting synchronization process on a real-time for the purpose of file synchronizing as soon as modification of files is made.

BestSync 2015 offers the best features such as those given below:
1.Uses 256-bit AES when it comes to the process of file encryption ahead of downloading and uploading. 
2.Includes data protection feature.
3.Saves time on trafficking network and backup time.
4.Includes file detection system.

Now with the help of BestSync 2015, users can effortlessly do file synchronizing tasks including Microsoft Windows Live e-mail, Microsoft Outlook e-mail/contact list/tasks, DropBox, OneDrive from Microsoft, Google Drive, Cloud Files from Rackspace, container of Microsoft Windows Azure, bucket of Google Storage, as well as S3 bucket for Amazon. At the same time, BestSync 2015 can smoothly serve as a sort of service from Microsoft Windows that require no log on details from users, but it is perfect for server operations.

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  • Eva

    Works just fine …

  • Joshua Ryan

    What a fool :) I’ve almost missed the discount. Good that I’ve decided to click Order Now button on the checkout page.

  • Charlotte Lefebvre

    This worked really well! I’ve already ordered it :)

  • Alexandria

    just used this code today to buy the program. to my surprise it worked.

  • Maeve

    Worked for me!! Love this site… thanks!!!!

  • Alexander

    still working today :) THANKS!

  • Romy

    saved my money!!!!

  • Asher

    worked for me 10 minutes ago ;)


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