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ArcSoft Portrait+ Description

If you need an automatic retouching tool to use in your portrait shots, including a single-click presets and batch file processing then ArcSoft Portrait+ is what you need. With this program, you can create your personalized presets when you need to retouch your portrait shots. This software application is sold as plug-in for Photoshop and as a standalone application package.

ArcSoft Portrait+ is user-friendly and its skin tones are adjustable according to your job requirements. Now by using this software, you can save your image files using the real titles you used to them or you can rename them by batches. When you use this software, you can easily improve the presets of the image files you currently have.

With ArcSoft Portrait+, you can obtain a natural sort of effects along with presets that are fully optimized. This program comes with enhanced workflow and easy-to-use platform. By using this software package, the skin tone you have is adjustable.

In using ArcSoft Portrait+, you can easily ignore other people in an image and just retouch a few faces. ArcSoft Portrait+’s tools for enhancement lets users come up with their brand new presets, as well as perform an effective optimization. With this software application, it’s extremely easy to look for ideal outcomes with a comparison platform for embedding images.

For meticulous artists and portrait enthusiasts, they can utilize the makeup kits optionally available on the software for the purpose of beautifying portrait images. With just a single click, you can easily fine tune and reshape the features of the face using ArcSoft Portrait+. The good news is with this application program, you can effortlessly get rid of skin imperfections such as acne, scars and blemishes through the help of the Smart blemish removal tool included in this software.

Now, you can easily export all your image files by batches to any file storage folders that comes with quality and size you can adjust. You can improve the quality and appearance of your image files through manual effects editing process. Moreover, with ArcSoft Portrait+, you can import a diverse number of image files or import photo folders, as well as do a single-click presets.

ArcSoft Portrait+ offers the best features and benefits which are all given below:
1.Automatic retouching tool for portrait shots.
2.Single-click presets.
3.Batch-file processing.
4.Helps users come up with personalized presets in retouching portrait shots.
5.User-friendly and adjustable skin tones.
6.Effortlessly improve image files presets.
7.Provides natural sort of effect with fully optimized presets.
8.Offers optional makeup kits for portrait images beautification.
9.Fine tunes and reshapes facial features.
10.Steers clear of blemishes and other skin imperfections.
11.Improves image file’s quality and appearance through manual effects editing system.
12.Imports image files and folders.

Likewise, by using this software application, you can automatically detect all sorts of visible skin body for a clever retouching approach. Also, with this program package, you can perform multi-faces retouching and recognition in a single image file. This software can help you detect people’s faces with 24 major features of a face.

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