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Now, you can solve any issue in terms of converting any file or document formats, which includes Text, JPEG or JPG, XLS, TIFF, HTML or PDF to TXT, DOC, RTF, DOCM or DOCX. Total Doc Converter may likewise help users to transform files with the RVF format into another document type of format such as Text, TIFF, Hypertext Markup Language, PDF, RTF, JPEG, or Excel. Total Doc Converter is the name you can count on because it’s powerful and very user-friendly.

Aside from this, Total Doc Converter comes with support of command line. It is a bit advantageous for people who wish to launch this program from inside other types of applications. You may note down that the option for Image Box and Shape is not in anyway supported. Total Doc Converter is extremely beneficial for the use of the masses when it comes to converting a diverse number of files. You may utilize this software package if you never wish your document wrap to have lines in them.

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Expectations from Total Doc Converter

You may utilize the option of file conversion in batches of various files and this process will not go any further. The best move you need to perform is to download the software application and make it a point that it’s the ideal solution for your tasks of converting documents in diverse types of formats. Total Doc Converter’s newest version generally supports Microsoft Word 2007 doc format DOCX.

After installing Total Doc Converter’s compatibility pack for Microsoft Office exclusively, users are able to easily perform conversion of DOCX files to TXT, TIFF, JPG, XLS, PDF, and Hypertext Markup Language with the software program. At the same time, this application program includes diverse options that conform to fonts which means users are allowed to define the name of the output, style and size of the font, whether it is a strikeout, italic, and underline as well as bold. To come up with ideally groomed output, the company maker of Total Doc Converter likewise included the option of WordWrap. With Total Doc Converter, you can take advantage of its best software features, such as:

  • Automatically changes the size of portrait and landscape files that is a perfect page fit
  • Sets up the style of fonts
  • Sets up the name of the font
  • Comes with an option for WordWrap

Operating System Requirements for Total Doc Converter

Total Doc Converter’s ideal personal computer OS:

  • Microsoft Word 8
  • Microsoft Word 7
  • Microsoft Word Server 2008
  • Microsoft Word Vista
  • Microsoft Word 2003
  • Microsoft Word XP
  • Microsoft Word 2000
  • Microsoft Word NT
  • Microsoft Word Me
  • Microsoft Word 98


This application program’s transparent platform that makes it simple for new users to determine the way the process goes. The truth is you never have to perform the program launching with this application software. By using this program, users can make Windows integration without any hassle, and for that reason they are able to choose the desktop file, click the right button, and then press the next button that says Convert to.


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