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Store Manager for Magento PRO comes in handy in managing Magento online store. The good thing about this Windows app is the fact that it is easy and quick to use. It boasts of a huge array of incredible features. These attributes make this software stand out from the rest in its league.

Store Manager for Magento PRO enables users to manage their attributes, products, categories, and manufacturers among other things at a go. With this software, you can also change product properties within seconds. Users can analyze their sales through the use of a number of reports. The program also assists you in adding or managing customer information effectively, track client’s orders, send emails to customers instantly, and provide discounts.

What is for sure is that this is an all in one program. Store Manager for Magento PRO helps you achieve countless tasks real time. Indeed, there is no better online store management program than Store Manager for Magento PRO .

Designers and developers of Store Manager for Magento PRO had one thing in mind. This was to ensure that they enhance the functionality of default administration web interface. They have achieved this and a lot more. With this app., users can enjoy new awesome features, automated routine tasks and easy day-to-day operations.

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One of the most incredible features about this program is the fact that it is very easy to install. Both beginners and advanced users enjoy a simple installation process whenever such a need arises. Its user-friendly wizard brings with it few options, which are all tailored to give you an incredible experience. Some of the few available options are whether or not to install plugins create shortcuts or report tools etc. simply put, all you need to do is click the button, which you are prompted with. All these does not require any special techniques or skills.

Some of the impressive Store Manager for Magento PRO attributes are:

  • Supports latest Magento versions
  • Ability to add, delete, clone, modify, categories, copy products etc
  • Import/Export products, attributes and categories from Excel to Magento cart real time
  • Advanced Magento cart import/export wizards
  • Product copy/pasting {Helps in moving products through the clipboard between stores and categories}
  • Quick and easy product navigation
  • Effective management
  • Multilanguage
  • Basic order management
  • Multiple stores management
  • Database backup/restore
  • Encrypted passwords
  • Store configuration
  • Powerful custom SQL
  • Custom reports


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