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Are you an employer who is trying to figure out how to monitor the activities of your employees? StaffCop is software that will help you do exactly that. This software allows you to monitor all your employees’ activities on their computers. It is a way of being on the lookout as to how they use their time and other resources as well as being a prevention measure against employees giving out secret corporate information. Protecting a company’s secrets is very valuable, as well as well as regulating company resources such as time.

What StaffCop Can Do

With this software, you will be able to detect, prevent and review anything that may pose as a threat to the wellbeing of your business. This software is specifically for use for your IT experts. With it, they will be able to check for and prevent any data loss or breaches.

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What are the Features?

  • This software allows you to monitor the kinds of things that are said on social networking sites by your employees. You will be able to receive their private conversations, view the pages they looked at and have a look at the photos they viewed as well.
  • It also has a stealth tracker that is able to track all the search history in any search engines your employees may have used.
  • It has analytical capabilities which can present you with accurate data on the time spent by your employees in chat rooms, Instant Messengers, Social Sites and Games.
  • The software also allows for screen shots, which are then sent to the administrator who can view and keep them as proof.
  • This software also keeps track of passwords used on social sites that are then sent to you.
  • Email correspondence between your employees and anyone can be monitored as well. It also monitors the kind of files, as well as their contents that are being sent or received.
  • Furthermore, StaffCop is so discrete such that your employees won’t realize it is there and hence they will not be able to locate its servers which are hidden.


Unwittingly, you will be able to boost your company’s profit as you will be able to ensure that all employees are using their time wisely. Additionally, you will also be able to boost your company’s security system as it will now be much harder for any employee to sell or give out valuable company information.


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