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If you’re searching for the best approach to organize your notes after writing it, the ideal program tool you need to use is RightNote. This software comes with a noteworthy created platform that lets you use different types of masks. On the contrary, because this software application comes with a diverse number of beneficial features, it’ll take you longer to get used to the mechanics of using it. The notebook is the term for your notes’ units, as well as it’s stored as a different file for the purpose of sharing with other users or prefer a different tool.
The notebooks may come with diverse number of pages and every page generally has multiple notes storing platform known as tree of hierarchy. This sort of arrangement allows users to come up with different pages relevant and linked with various categorical classifications. Due to this reason, users never have to come up with another notebook or two. RightNote allows users to create diverse note categories including syntax highlighting, worksheets and a text according to standards.

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Moreover, this software package comes with built-in and powerful features of word processors that support objects, images, tables, layouts and formatting of text. Like in the Excel program from Microsoft Corporation, this spreadsheet program lets users utilize diverse applicable formulas. RightNote is an ideal program that comes with beneficial features for your perusal when it comes to note keeping and taking. This program is available in both free and paid versions, that’s why, it’s a commendable type of software.

Factors You Can Expect From Using RightNote Software

RightNote has a beneficial interface known as “User Guide” used for highlighting the software’s major features, and at the same time, it comes with an even more complete file called “Help” that offers more advantages to its users. Generally speaking, in fact, getting to know the way to utilize RightNote will just end up as a pleasure to discover a lot of things it can work well and involves wandering process. Regardless if you’re checking on a novel outline, organizing a collection of dishes, great tracking of ideas, or simply just making it a point that sticky paper notes also have a backup. RightNote is the best choice of software when it comes to saving and organizing all sorts of brilliant ideas.

User expectations from RightNote

  • Easily share notes with others
  • Allows notes protection
  • Supports OLE objects and image files
  • Supports features of a worksheet and word processors
  • Supports diverse note types
  • Allows easy finding of the notes
  • Allows notebooks with a diverse number of pages
  • User-friendly platform

RightNote System Requirements and Restrictions

Prior to using RightNote, you need to first know the software’s system requirements and restrictions. You must bear in mind that RightNote can only operate smoothly minus the hassles if you just stick on the system requirements and restrictions set for this program. With this software package, you must have at least 1 gigabyte memory, a disk space with 30 megabytes and the hardware meant for Pentium 3 users.

Operating Systems applicable for this software are:

  • Windows 2003
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 2000 Professional
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows XP Home
  • Windows XP
  • Windows XP Professional


As a way to conclude everything said and done, users must keep RightNote handy every time they need to properly organize their notes without hassles. Definitely, this software application is the best choice when it comes to note taking and organizing.


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