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This software can serve as handy program for choosing, deleting and handling specific content sources by means of Word paragraph. Kutools for Word 2 Years is the ideal program to use for the purpose of check box insertion, barcode, frame, as well as a camera or scanner of images tool. This application program helps users to remove all sorts of footnotes, controls of Hypertext Markup Language, breaks and many more. This software package comes with handy applications that bring about a more successful way to manage Word table. Kutools for Word 2 Years effortlessly manage hyperlink tools. This application program comes with the handy tools group to use for managing Word-based bookmarks. You can also use this software to help you easily manage hyperlinks.

What to Expect from Kutools for Word 2 Years

At the same time, you can use this application program to efficiently manage your Word-based bookmarks. Likewise, you can use Kutools for Word 2 Years for the purpose of renaming, duplicating and reopening of documents in Word format, as well as effortlessly have a default folder file access. Users can refer to a group when it comes to managing a Word document.

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Regardless if MS Word is the widely-used word processing tool as well as among the most potent and complete text editing program available in the marketplace, but still has more room for improvement and enhancement through the use of more tools on the side. By using Kutools for Word 2 Years, you can take advantage of the following:

  • All widely-used Microsoft Word version compatibility
  • Single click and speedy Microsoft Word startup location folder accessibility
  • Combine diverse docs in a single doc
  • Turn diverse tables into text

Operating System Requirements

If you’re planning to use Kutools for Word 2 Years, the best move you can make is to check if your personal computer runs using any of the operating systems given below:

  • Microsoft Windows 2008
  • Microsoft Windows 2003
  • Microsoft Windows 8-64 bit
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 7-64 bit
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Vista-64 bit
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP


This software package comes with programs to use for the purpose of effortless caption handling. Kutools for Word 2 Years comes with tools to use for importing and exporting customized dictionary, and also it includes automatic correction. This application program includes tools you can utilize to manage diverse windows for Word effortlessly.


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