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If you have any kind of a desk job, you surely understand the importance of being organized. There are a number of tasks, lists, and data entries that demand your attention and require to be handled with a customized approach. When MS office was launched, it has Excel, the spreadsheet program specifically designed to address this and other similar issues. Kutools for Excel 2 Years is office software that slows users to create lists of any kind including project names, tasks, and to-do lists. Also, it gives the user a chance to utilize tabs, and rows to adjourn any amount of remarks, or add specific details for added convenience.

Even small arithmetic calculations could be performed. Essentially, Excel allows the user to manipulate grids in any way they liked, or so it was believed. Excel definitely has limitations and while it’s OK for basic things, when it comes to making complicated spreadsheets, it can easily be very glitch ridden and keep one from carrying out his operations smoothly.

Is there any way to increase the utility of Excel?

Despite Excel having a reputation of being the most popular spreadsheet program out there, as a matter of fact, there is one particular software that is very handy in increasing its utility. Kutools for Excel 2 Years was specifically designed to allow users to make use of this spreadsheet program more productively. While Microsoft already gives a host of features, kutools adds as many as 120 more functions, each with a unique role which can be and to bring resolve to previously unresolved or time consuming issues.

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Some of the most prominent features of this software are as follows:

  • It lets you manipulate the work area as your needs.
  • It makes the navigation between different worksheets, workbooks, and content (tabs) haste free-You can hide (or show) the inbuilt menu.
  • You can change the size, font, color of text very easily and choose between a wide range of available options.
  • You can select cells with different error values.
  • You can export data in a brand new file in a graphic form this, are the ones who have to make multiple spreadsheets, or need to be able to edit the content very specifically and just generally want to add a smoother tone to the functional aspect of Excel.

Are there any cons in this software?

Most users have received it well and in positive light. It delivers on what it promises and genuinely eases the work pressure of ardent users that use it every day However, not all of the 120 features are useful. Some are in fact very redundant keeping in mind the inbuilt features of Excel. Be warned that while downloading, do not download additional products (add ons) as they generally contain virus and are nothing but promotional tools for the manufacturer.


But all in all, Kutools for Excel 2 years is software worth possessing especially if you are working against the clock and have deadline to meet every day.


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