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Are you currently looking for an office suite that is user-friendly and incorporates all of your needs into one convenient package? Kingsoft Office Suite Professional is the software you are looking for.

What it does

This software is divided into three sections of programs that make it easier for you to use. These three are Spreadsheets, Writer and Presentation Professional. The software allows you to do anything from creating a document, to editing, to saving and viewing a document as you would, using Microsoft Office. This also means that Microsoft Office can actually open Kingsoft Office documents without the software itself being installed on the computer.
Kingsoft Office Suite Professional is a much cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office with even more features that you will find useful in your day to day life.

Do you find yourself constantly making spelling mistakes? Kingsoft Office Suite Professional comes with a built in spell checker that will rectify any accidental mistakes you may make. The software also comes with a PDF converter that allows you to convert PowerPoint, Excel and Word files into PDF compatible files. Are you in a job profession that requires you to constantly make presentation slides? The Presentation Professional offers a wide choice of templates to choose from. These templates allow you to make presentation slides in the shortest time possible.

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The newer edition of this software has embedded some helpful tools such as a paragraph adjustment tool. This tool allows you to make easy adjustments on the paragraphs in your documents. The same tool allows you to add or remove columns, dragging paragraphs, as well as adding and removing rows. Lastly, this software has a sophisticated but simple toolbar that gives you access to easy file management. The latest update of this software has included encryption that allows you to protect your files from any prying eyes.

System Requirements

The software requires only 65.4 MB to be downloaded. The size allows for you to easily install or uninstall the program when you need to. It also requires Windows XP/ Windows Vista as well as Windows7. CPU has to be at least Pentium 11 266MHz and the memory has to be at least 128 MB.


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