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Know that DataNumen Advanced PDF Repair, for a heads up, supports drag and drop functionality, as well as Microsoft Windows Explorer integration for the purpose of PDF Acrobat document easy repairing process with Microsoft Windows Explorer’s content menu. DataNumen Advanced PDF Repair is perfect to use in PC forensic platform, as well as tools for eDiscovery or e-discovery (electronic discovery). When it comes to extremely potent tool for recovering PDF document, DataNumen Advanced PDF Repair is the top choice among many other similar software applications.
You can definitely count on with this online tool’s capability to deliver the best services that many other software packages cannot. Take note that this magnificent software package can help its users very much since it comes with different beneficial features that are advantageous to all prospective and regular software users.

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If you are searching for the best and ideal application program that can help users repair PDF documents and files, DataNumen Advanced PDF Repair is the perfect pick for you. Always keep in mind that this fantastic software is a very powerful tool for retrieving back PDF documents.

What it Does

Users of this one of a kind software package will surely be amazed of the kind of service that they will get from running DataNumen Advanced PDF Repair because it offers a lot of convenience and advantages to its users. You will definitely not regret the time you decided to download and install this software package on your personal computer and run it afterwards. For sure, all who are intending to use it and those who have tried it already will recommend this software application to millions and millions of users all around the world for better way in repairing and retrieving back lost or damaged files or documents in PDF format.

Advantages of this software product

  • Supports PDF file images and pages recovery
  • Includes PDF document fixing for those that did not meet the specification for PDFs
  • Provides PDF document fixing service by batches
  • Comes with drag and drop running support
  • Offers more beneficial features and services for its users worldwide.

What does it Require

This software package only runs properly and in good standing if users adhere to the requirements set forth by its creators. Microsoft Windows OS (operating system) in different versions from 95 to 10, as well as MS Windows’ Server 2003, 2008 and 2012 are the best programs for this application tool.


DataNumen Advanced PDF Repair supports page recovery, as well as image file recovery of PDF files. You may use this software package when it comes to repairing diverse number of PDF documents when errors occur. In terms of PDF document fixing process that never complies with the specification of PDF, this application program supports it.
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