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Simply put, Efficient Address Book is an elegant, handy contact, and professional software that helps in management of customer information. Managing customer information can turn out to be more than challenging. Most organizations and businesses have a difficult time handling customer details. However, with this software, it makes all this a safe haven. Individuals can easily manage thousands of contacts all at a go. This software is without a doubt magical. There could never have been a better and most effective way of having a system that incorporates all your customer details making it extremely easy for you to use such information as and when you need it.

One of the most incredible features of this software is the fact that users can add customer’s anniversary and birthdays. The program will most definitely remind you of all-important dates when they are due. This helps you create and maintain an excellent customer relationship. Individuals can prioritize their customers thus ultimately focusing on the key and most important clients.

With this awesome product, you can surely save on both time and money. Efficient Address Book brings with it a huge array of features, which make it one of the most incredible customer management softwares in the market today. Some of these fantastic features include fast contact input, flash find, copying and pasting of contacts, easy management of bulk imports etc.

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Of the amazing features, that Efficient Address Book boasts of is the fact that it can display contact list in form of card view. In addition to this, individuals have the opportunity of adding unlimited photo numbers to contacts. On top of this, users can also edit all fields in ay contact profile. It is of great importance to note that individuals can also add or insert pictures, attachments, tables, URLs etc just like when using Microsoft Word. What this means is that you can easily track almost every important information about a particular contact.

Efficient Address Book also gives users the opportunity to choose from a variety of colors. To be specific, you can select from eight interface styles of different tones. Indeed, this customer information management software is a must have for everyone regardless of their race, tribe, religion or gender.


If you have been looking for an awesome product for managing customer information then your search has just ended. With this program, you will surely find the ride worthwhile. Efficient Address Book is the ideal software for handling all client details.


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