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For those who are experts in construction, they will an enhanced and efficient tool for estimating cost, which bring about high profitability to a company or business firm. ConstructionWORKS Complete is very useful for those who would like to put their work in a high level of performance, better profitability, as well as decreasing the risk because it comes with the best features for your convenience. This software package is supporting features in advance level, which includes a computing tool on the screen. Generally speaking, when you talk about moneymaking, time is the main thing involved.

If you ever fumbled for a user friendly as well as an efficient software package for estimating cost of remodeling, then ConstructionWORKS Complete’s feature derived from RemodelCOST Estimator will do a lot to you. Being a contractor of remodeling, they would need to have an idea with regards to the construction cost accuracy. On the other side, estimating cost of remodeling is at times not accurate and tough.

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What to Expect from ConstructionWORKS Complete

Being an expert in remodeling, you must have a less expensive and efficient application program that can assist you in creating estimates in the most concise and speedy manner. This software package will really help you save more bucks because of its efficiency and reliability at the same time. Make the most of this well-prized software package available in the marketplace today.

Aside from all the benefits and services mentioned herein, you will definitely vouch for the convenience this application tool can offer you, especially if you’re a regular user of Microsoft Excel platform. ConstructionWORKS Complete is definitely a program to watch for. With ConstructionWORKS Complete, you are set to experience the best advantages such as:

  • Easy learning tutorial bit-by-bit
  • Comprehensive system support on the web
  • Quote report company logo insertion automatically
  • Automatic material purchasing buy list creation
  • Labor cost and material computation
  • Estimation in accordance with Microsoft Excel

Operating System Requirements

Before using ConstructionWORKS Complete, you need to check if your personal computer is using the right Windows operating system, as well as the right tools to make the most out of this software package. Here are the lists of operating system requirements you need to adhere to.

  • Printer compatible with the PC and OS
  • MS Excel version 2000 up to version 2013, either 64 bit or 32 bit
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP


For both contractors and builders alike, this saying means more than what it is intended to express. You can just image how you can save a lot of your time for the purpose of creating concise cost estimation of construction in general in accordance with the prices of the well-accepted unit, which reflects the business strategies of firms. The customizable cost data feature of ConstructionWORKS Complete will definitely save a lot of your time, as well as help people gain benefit with this type of competition.


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