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DataNumen Advanced PDF Repair Review

DataNumen Advanced PDF Repair Coupon

Know that DataNumen Advanced PDF Repair, for a heads up, supports drag and drop functionality, as well as Microsoft Windows Explorer integration for the purpose of PDF Acrobat document easy repairing process with Microsoft Windows Explorer’s content menu. DataNumen Advanced PDF Repair is perfect to use in PC forensic platform, as well as tools for eDiscovery or e-discovery (electronic discovery). When it comes to extremely potent tool for recovering PDF document, DataNumen Advanced PDF Repair is the top choice among many other similar software applications.
You can definitely count on with this online tool’s capability to deliver the best services that many other software packages cannot. Take note that this magnificent software package can help its users very much since it comes with different beneficial features that are advantageous to all prospective and regular software users.

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EfficientPIM Network Review

EfficientPIM Network Coupon

EfficientPIM Network is the software to watch! This application program comes with more expert level options, includes all-data and personal data, as well as read only mechanism. This software package can help its users save their precious time, as well as enhance and improve team efficiency and cohesiveness. With this software package, users can easily come up with both public and private entries, as well as include the latest records.

By means of using EfficientPIM Network, you can effortlessly place tasks, check and monitor contacts, perform journal maintenance, note taking and many more. Through this amazing online tool, installation process will become much easier and running it is intuitive. EfficientPIM Network is a widely accepted application package around the world since it can accommodate 32 of the most important languages.

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FlashPoint Pro + PPTonTV Review

FlashPoint Pro + PPTonTV Coupon

All your creations through this application program is watch-able on television and burn them to DVD. It is probably the ideal PowerPoint file to DVD file converting software. FlashPoint Pro + PPTonTV is a multi-purpose software that can help you convert MS PowerPoint to a video file, as well as MS PowerPoint to a DVD building program.
This application tool can help you convert files to movies in MPEG-2 format, write to compact disc, write to DVD mini disc, as well as write to disc in DVD format. When it comes to converting utility program to use in PowerPoint-based presentations to DVD video files, FlashPoint Pro + PPTonTV is the right program to count on. This software package is user friendly and simple and you can use it to help you in PP to video file conversion, DVD burning and television playing.

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PTReportGen Professional Edition 2.9 Review

PTReportGen Professional Edition 2.9 Coupon

This software package comes with ideal system for reporting purposes by means of MS PowerPoint. You can also make the most of this application program as a direct template through the use of MS PowerPoint. Through the help of PTReportGen Professional Edition 2.9, users will have an easy database access, as well as it assists users to create their needed reports minus the need to have experience in programming.

Now with PTReportGen Professional Edition 2.9, you can use ODBC when it comes to database connections. This application program supports in a single report all sorts of databases, and at the same time, it can help you come up with different parameters. Know that this software package supports both the mode line command and mode of Microsoft Windows.

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Wondershare PDF Converter Pro Review


Get the budget-friendly and top quality PDF file converting software by the name of Wondershare PDF Converter Pro you can use for converting PDF formatted documents from diverse Microsoft file programs, including PowerPoint, Excel, Word and many others. Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is all you required when it comes to PDF file conversion process. This software package comes with the best features you are looking for in terms of working with all sorts of PDF documents in any of your chosen format.

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is perfect to use for saving documents as PDF files. Through the help of this application program, users are able to easily save nearly any type of file and serve as high quality PDF document. You can easily open the latest PDF documents, as well as edit all sorts of PDF software applications such as Acrobat and Reader, from Adobe respectively.

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A-PDF Split Command Line Review

A PDF Split Command Line

This software tool comes with line of command that will let you perform splitting of large files in PDF format into much smaller files. A-PDF Split Command Line is a less expensive and quick approach for splitting documents page by page and users are able to split their files into one page individually, or otherwise, save each new pages as a brand new document.
A-PDF Split Command Line is platform form splitting PDF files comes with a user friendly design and at the same time, anyone can operate them easily. All you have to make is just a single menu click then all available program options will be there for you. You can smoothly and effortlessly perform all sorts of conversion processes. This program offers diverse numbers of PDF document splitting alternatives for one or more pages or can capture and keep each pages as latest file or perform extraction of PDF document part, at the same time, it offers extraordinary PDF file merging techniques that will let users merge parts or entire files in diverse techniques to a more successful work. This software package can work on its own without the need to use any other downloadable online PDF programs.

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Excel Image Assistant – Business license Review

Excel Image Assistant – Business license Coupon

Excel Image Assistant – Business license is a software product that can perform insertion of images using cells of the worksheet used in Microsoft Excel. Excel Image Assistant – Business License is the best means for designing the catalogues of the product, as well as Excel photos viewing process. This application program is definitely what you need if you have many image files of a product to the cells of MS Excel program.
By using Excel Image Assistant – Business License, you easily view photos in your Microsoft Excel program, perform insertion of filenames of images into Excel cells, insert image files into the comments found on the cells, as well as insertion of images to each cell of the Excel file. By using the newest Excel Image Assistant – Business License version, users are able to effortlessly insert their photo images into the cells of Microsoft Excel through four various techniques, which includes, full path Excel cells picture insertion, filename with extension file, filename insertion, and the simplest one – MS Excel cells image files insertion process.

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ParmisPDF Professional Review

ParmisPDF Professional Coupon

ParmisPDF Professional helps you secure your PDF documents to steer clear of access not having any proper authorization. You can use this software package in terms of replacing and highlighting texts along with images. With the help of this program, you can effortlessly mark up, search or replace your PDF documents minus the hassles.

Through this software package, users can create a PDF file that is absolutely compatible with Adobe. With the help of this application program, users can easily convert Word files with DOCX, DOC, TXT or RTF into a PDF file. By means of ParmisPDF Professional, you can effortlessly convert the pages of websites from HTM or HTML to a PDF file.

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iSkysoft PDF to Word Converter for Windows Review

iSkysoft PDF to Word Converter for Windows

This software package comes with a flawless array of features that let users add more files in their workload through the help of iSkysoft PDF to Word Converter for Windows support for drag-and-drop or built-in browsing system. To the contrary this application program also comes with downsides, but it is still a manageable situation. This application program can help users build their files’ list, those that they think needs conversion, as well as remove files selected, pick the directory saved, as well as open main panel location you are targeting.

In addition, users are able to perform content conversion of the whole document or rather indicate the right pages, document importing to the encrypted list, given that the right password is indicated, and at the same time, multiple processing of PDF files through batching operations.

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iWinSoft Barcode Generator Review

iWinSoft Barcode Generator Coupon

This application program is supporting diverse Avery label types, templates in paper form, as well as cards. The best move to make should you need the use of barcodes for covers in magazines and publication, advertisements, medications, coupons, as well as designs in packaging, is by using iWinSoft Barcode Generator. This is an ideal program to effortlessly come up with, as well as export or print barcodes for other programs’ use.
iWinSoft Barcode Generator comes with diverse sort of barcode support system, hence it offer users more flexible barcode generating process. The users of this software package will have the ability to come up with their needed barcodes by just populating their information or details then choosing the best layout of their choice. Through this application program, users will also have the chance to benefit from the Avery labels database system, as well other sorts of templates to accelerate their success rate.

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EssentialPIM Pro Desktop or Portable Review

EssentialPIM Pro Desktop or Portable Coupon

This application program for MS Windows use has changed dramatically through the years and increased its flexibility; however it comes with an extremely intuitive software package that enables you to begin using it in a matter of a few moments. You will definitely become the authentic superior manager of the data you’re keeping since you’re taking advantage of beneficial features, which includes the processes of synchronization, exportation, as well as comprehensive importation. EssentialPIM Pro Desktop or Portable is for diverse mobile device platforms, which includes Android and iOS gadgets that lets you handle and maintain all personal computer-based versions that makes EssentialPIM Pro Desktop or Portable indispensable.

What to Expect from EssentialPIM Pro Desktop or Portable

This application program comes with a flawless data synchronization process for devices with data. With this software package, you’ll get unprecedented features for the purpose of synchronization with every well known cloud-based type of services, which may include iCloud and many others.

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ConstructionWORKS Complete Review

ConstructionWORKS Complete Coupon

For those who are experts in construction, they will an enhanced and efficient tool for estimating cost, which bring about high profitability to a company or business firm. ConstructionWORKS Complete is very useful for those who would like to put their work in a high level of performance, better profitability, as well as decreasing the risk because it comes with the best features for your convenience. This software package is supporting features in advance level, which includes a computing tool on the screen. Generally speaking, when you talk about moneymaking, time is the main thing involved.

If you ever fumbled for a user friendly as well as an efficient software package for estimating cost of remodeling, then ConstructionWORKS Complete’s feature derived from RemodelCOST Estimator will do a lot to you. Being a contractor of remodeling, they would need to have an idea with regards to the construction cost accuracy. On the other side, estimating cost of remodeling is at times not accurate and tough.

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Kutools for Word 2 Years Review

Kutools for Word 2 Years Coupon

This software can serve as handy program for choosing, deleting and handling specific content sources by means of Word paragraph. Kutools for Word 2 Years is the ideal program to use for the purpose of check box insertion, barcode, frame, as well as a camera or scanner of images tool. This application program helps users to remove all sorts of footnotes, controls of Hypertext Markup Language, breaks and many more. This software package comes with handy applications that bring about a more successful way to manage Word table. Kutools for Word 2 Years effortlessly manage hyperlink tools. This application program comes with the handy tools group to use for managing Word-based bookmarks. You can also use this software to help you easily manage hyperlinks.

What to Expect from Kutools for Word 2 Years

At the same time, you can use this application program to efficiently manage your Word-based bookmarks. Likewise, you can use Kutools for Word 2 Years for the purpose of renaming, duplicating and reopening of documents in Word format, as well as effortlessly have a default folder file access. Users can refer to a group when it comes to managing a Word document.

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Office Tab Enterprise Review


The software application known as Office Tab Enterprise is a tool that can help users enhance their Microsoft Office settings, application in their Microsoft Publisher, as well as MS Visio. This program lets users work in diverse windows tab; hence it can give you easy access to your projects. To take advantage of this software, users need to adhere to a couple of easy-to-do steps.Basically, users need to launch this software package and then perform the application of the chosen Microsoft program settings that they like to make operational. Next is users need to launch their preferred Microsoft program then choose the icon of Office Tab Enterprise found in the topmost part of the page, which is situated on the screen’s rightmost side. From that point on, you can go for as well as configure every setting needed from inside the program you’re utilizing. Moreover, as you use this application program, you’re able to perform project organizing in the groups you tagged as favorite for an easier access in the future.

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iBarcoder – Mac Barcode Generator Review

iBarcoder Mac Barcode Generator Coupon

Speaking of collecting data and identification automatically, iBarcoder – Mac Barcode Generator is the name you can trust. Now with this software package, you can easily generate barcodes from a Mac device. iBarcoder – Mac Barcode Generator is a tool you can use for datamatrix, barcode and QR code generation. Regardless if the company or firm is big, medium or small in size, iBarcoder – Mac Barcode Generator can help you come up with barcode labels with flying colors in accordance to the shape, personalized style or diversified sizes.

You never have to shell out big amounts of cash for acquiring top quality stickers of a barcode for the sake of your organization. At the same time, users of iBarcoder – Mac Barcode Generator is allowed to utilize this software package to serve as a generating tool for getting the codes of QR program, as well as data matrix.

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Total Doc Converter Review

Total Doc Converter Coupon

Now, you can solve any issue in terms of converting any file or document formats, which includes Text, JPEG or JPG, XLS, TIFF, HTML or PDF to TXT, DOC, RTF, DOCM or DOCX. Total Doc Converter may likewise help users to transform files with the RVF format into another document type of format such as Text, TIFF, Hypertext Markup Language, PDF, RTF, JPEG, or Excel. Total Doc Converter is the name you can count on because it’s powerful and very user-friendly.

Aside from this, Total Doc Converter comes with support of command line. It is a bit advantageous for people who wish to launch this program from inside other types of applications. You may note down that the option for Image Box and Shape is not in anyway supported. Total Doc Converter is extremely beneficial for the use of the masses when it comes to converting a diverse number of files. You may utilize this software package if you never wish your document wrap to have lines in them.

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VueMinder Ultimate Review

VueMinder Ultimate Coupon

If you’re looking for the best event reminding tool and calendar application at the same time, there’s only one software application you may rely on by the name of VueMinder Ultimate. This program is intended for people with very active and busy lifestyle. At the first glance, this app tool may appear complex because it comes with diverse settings and choices; on the other side, it’s definitely user-friendly.
VueMinder Ultimate comes with a wizard feature that will help users use the program’s settings successfully. Users of this software package can opt to receive reminders through SMS messages or electronic mail. The primary menu bar is seen on VueMinder Ultimate’s platform, along with this program’s toolbar. This software application offers a personalized calendar tool. Likewise, you can find a list of categories where users like you are able to opt for diverse types of events and decide what to accomplish first.

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iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows Review

iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows Coupon

Get the highest-rated program you can use to create, convert, annotate, merge, or watermark your PDF files which is iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows. You can make sure that this software package is the one you can rely on because it comes with comprehensive PDF document editing toolbox. Other possible operations you can perform by using iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows include cropping, splitting, rotating, merging, watermarking, and converting the pages of PDF files.

This software application helps users do diverse number of tasks that no other similar programs can match. iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows is a real valuable program made especially for eBook authors and many other related types of jobs. This tool is extremely useful for people in the workplace, whether at home or in the office. You can really depend on iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows’ quality and level of performance!

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Exl-Plan Super (US/Canadian edition) Review

Exl Plan Super (US/Canadian edition) Coupon

You can now effortlessly setup the projections in planning futuristic corporate profitability level with the help of a special tool made especially for business people and other related jobs. Exl-Plan Super (US/Canadian edition) is the one you’re looking for speaking of financial planning and future forecasting according to the needs of your company. According to the assumptions of a certain user of Exl-Plan Super (US/Canadian edition), he/she can easily come up with comprehensive projections within 5-year timeframe. In addition, this application program needs the use of Excel, regardless if you’re using Excel 2000 down to Excel 5, you can guarantee that it’ll run smoothly and hassle-free.

By using this software, you can make it all sure that there’ll be more quality time for you to spend on even more important tasks you need to accomplish for the sake of the business. Exl-Plan Super (US/Canadian edition) can help its users save more energy in developing plans which is presented on a worksheet.

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RightNote Review

RightNote Coupon

If you’re searching for the best approach to organize your notes after writing it, the ideal program tool you need to use is RightNote. This software comes with a noteworthy created platform that lets you use different types of masks. On the contrary, because this software application comes with a diverse number of beneficial features, it’ll take you longer to get used to the mechanics of using it. The notebook is the term for your notes’ units, as well as it’s stored as a different file for the purpose of sharing with other users or prefer a different tool.
The notebooks may come with diverse number of pages and every page generally has multiple notes storing platform known as tree of hierarchy. This sort of arrangement allows users to come up with different pages relevant and linked with various categorical classifications. Due to this reason, users never have to come up with another notebook or two. RightNote allows users to create diverse note categories including syntax highlighting, worksheets and a text according to standards.

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