Aurora 3D Animation Maker Review

Aurora 3D Animation Maker

With the help of Aurora 3D Animation Maker, you can produce more interesting effects on every scene, which may include smoke, fireworks, snow, rain, radiation from space and many more. By using Aurora 3D Animation Maker, you can really make improvement on the movie or video scenes for the purpose of eye attraction. You can use this to manipulate your 3D movies and videos by adhering to the right instruction provided by the program system.

Using this software can help you import image files then transform it with effects in 3D format. Through using this application program you can easily do switching of shapes by changing the shape of an object. All you have to do is choose your preferred shape then select a different one from the software panel.

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iRecover Professional Review

March 20, 2015Utilities


iRecover Professional Coupon

This is an advanced software package for recovering data to help users retrieve back data deleted or removed due to RAID issues, problems in PC hardware, removal of partition, damage of virus due to formatting, corruption of the computer system and many more. iRecover Professional package can help users retrieve back data from computer hard drives that are ruined or removed. To the contrary, demonstration limitations halt testing process.
Definitely, new users will praise the easiness of opting for the recovery of partition and disk, as users with advanced knowledge have the option to change diverse settings for improving the progress of recovery. Being a new user, you are able to try recovering lost files for several occasions since iRecover Professional never touch the drive that was damaged but replenish the memory-based data to capture and keep it to a different drive. Searching of files and directory becomes attainable by means of wiz-kid type of technique; however, the process of scanning will take some time.

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SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator / Small Office Review

March 20, 2015Utilities


SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator Small Office Coupon

For those who own a portable program that they need to operate using sticks of USB, the interface menu from compact disc menu creating system will definitely provide an effortless access in all these programs. Users can also take advantage of this software to come up with a USB auto running system. This application program is software that provides AutoRun a power over SD memory cards, USB flash drives or USB sticks.

Like your DVD or compact disc, the functionality of AutoRun will definitely work in like manner, as well as your document, menu or even your program. Everything will work as you wish instantly. You may also use SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator Small Office together with or solely on a flash drive due to recent Microsoft Corporation’s stoppage of AutoRun USB sticks or flash drives’ Windows functionality.

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Driver Navigator – 3 Computers with Auto Upgrade Review

March 17, 2015Utilities


Driver Navigator – 3 Computers with Auto Upgrade Coupon

By using Driver Navigator – 3 Computers with Auto Upgrade, you will have database accessibility of more than 4 million types of PC drivers, as well as be informed in regular updating system. With the latest Information Technology trend of today, Driver Navigator – 3 Computers with Auto Upgrade can sustain your PCs software, hardware and the entire system. This application program is an extremely potent navigating system that is a leader in this kind of industry.

In addition, this software package is dependable and comes with high quality level. Driver Navigator – 3 Computers with Auto Upgrade comes with extremely useful features, easy-to-use platform and many other advantages. This software package has the ability to automatically perform device driver updates, as well as restoration and back up processing.

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iWinSoft Barcode Generator Review

iWinSoft Barcode Generator Coupon

This application program is supporting diverse Avery label types, templates in paper form, as well as cards. The best move to make should you need the use of barcodes for covers in magazines and publication, advertisements, medications, coupons, as well as designs in packaging, is by using iWinSoft Barcode Generator. This is an ideal program to effortlessly come up with, as well as export or print barcodes for other programs’ use.
iWinSoft Barcode Generator comes with diverse sort of barcode support system, hence it offer users more flexible barcode generating process. The users of this software package will have the ability to come up with their needed barcodes by just populating their information or details then choosing the best layout of their choice. Through this application program, users will also have the chance to benefit from the Avery labels database system, as well other sorts of templates to accelerate their success rate.

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DVD-Cloner – OpenCloner Inc Review

DVD-Cloner – OpenCloner Inc Coupon

This software package can easily distinguish the original movie from a DVD source to steer clear of fake movie duplication. With DVD-Cloner – OpenCloner Inc, you can effortlessly choose the subtitles and soundtracks to come up with an extraordinary DVD movie file copy. This software package can help users extract sound files taken from a movie on a DVD.
You can also use DVD-Cloner – OpenCloner Inc for duplicate customization to merge your preferred titles of movies coming from various DVD movie files to a single DVD file, as well as it gets rid of unnecessary subtitles and soundtracks. You can use this application program for combining diverse DVD files to a single DVD for the purpose of DVD discs saving process. DVD-Cloner – OpenCloner Inc clearly categorizes duplicate modes for users’ DVD duplication customization. You can now effortlessly copy some sequences of movies from a DVD into another DVD file like in music videos and television programs. DVD-Cloner – OpenCloner Inc also can be advantageous in removing unnecessary contents, as well as compress movies again with some ratio of compression in saving the space of your disc. This application program has a duplicating support for soundtracks in various channels, which includes DTS and Digital Dolby 5.1.

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VSO Downloader Review

VSO Downloader Coupon

The formats accepted are for iPhone, iPod and iPad, as well as for mobile telephones, MPEG4, MP4, H264, AVI, Xvid and AVI. Through the use of VSO Downloader, you can easily integrate MP3 conversion process, as well as download MP3 videos and perform M4A and FLAC conversion. Also, this application program comes with a setting that can normalize the audio or sound itself. You may use this software package when you want to perform downloading of YouTube into a different format such as MP3. You don’t have to worry about downloading and installing VSO Downloader because it comes with no toolbars, spy software and ad software. VSO Downloader program comes with downloading on a free streaming system.
In addition, this software package includes Hypertext Transfer Protocol, support for multi-protocol, shout cast or ice cast, HDS, streaming security, downloading on a high speed rate, integrated accelerated downloading process, no buffering and fast stream recording, simultaneous multiple file downloading process, easy-to-use, independently functions using all popular browsers, and many more.

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1Step DVD Copy Full Review

March 9, 2015Utilities


1Step DVD Copy Full Coupon

This software package let users to choose the content they wish to keep on the disc they just bought then come up with various playable files on their mobile gadgets. This application program comes along with SoundTaxi Media Suite when you buy it. Upon buying 1Step DVD Copy Full with SoundTaxi Media Suite, added functions are included such as DiskBurner, RadioGet, TuneGet, RipTiger and SoundTaxi. All the add-ons mentioned are focuses on digital media organizing, duplicating and ripping.

For those seeking for a more comprehensive solution involving audio and video files, 1Step DVD Copy Full is the perfect choice. This application program comes with clean and intuitive platform and is the ideal DVD duplicating software. If you are looking for ways to increase the level of quality, as well as simplify and accelerate your DVD backup process, 1Step DVD Copy Full is the one you may count on.

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Total Spy Review

March 6, 2015Utilities


Total Spy Coupon

This application program can save social network account activity in either sides of the chat room. Total Spy can come up with minute by minute screenshots not visible to the human eye. Total Spy can help you in Windows clipboard scanning process for modification purposes. All captured details, information and screenshots are saved at the reports encrypted, and at the same time, users are able to view all of them no matter where you are and regardless of the time you use. Your inbox may receive the reports regarding Total Spy’s activities and operations on your computer. The great thing with this software package is that it is totally not seen by all people no one but you only.
Take note that in opening the key logging system, you need to use an exclusive key as required by Total Spy. Now, you can prove it yourself the best things that Total Spy can offer you for the basic security of your computer system and household. When talk about the invisible and all-purpose software for spying and monitoring, there is no better program than Total Spy.

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Mac CD/DVD Label Maker Review

Mac CD DVD Label Maker Coupon

Through the help of Mac CD/DVD Label Maker, you can take advantage of capabilities like printing process from actual to printing on a disc that is Epson printers compatible. Now with Mac CD/DVD Label Maker, you take advantage of both foreground and background layers in editing and creating label designs with advanced level classification. You can use this program to help you import your personalized photos and images to create your own covers and backgrounds. This software package comes with multi-line function for an art text. Mac CD/DVD Label Maker includes templates you can use for diverse sorts of media, such as mini compact disc, booklets, case inserts of DVDs, as well as jewel templates. The said application program can function well with various shapes and sizes of discs. By using this software, you are able to insert tables, barcodes, pictures, customized art tasks, as well as image files. What you see is what you get with Mac CD/DVD Label Maker because it is extremely simple to utilize and all people can take advantage of it.

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ImTOO Audio Converter Pro for Mac Review

ImTOO Audio Converter Pro for Mac Coupon

ImTOO Audio Converter Pro for Mac comes with full High Definition video support for different formats including AVCHD, MPEG-4/H.264, as well as MKV, MP4, WMV, MPEG, AVI and many others. This software package supports different world languages, which includes Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, English and many more. ImTOO Audio Converter Pro for Mac also has superb clipping process for audio files from video files with the state-of-the-art technology.

Get to experience unlimited potentials with a wonderful option to edit and convert audio files with ImTOO Audio Converter Pro for Mac. At the same time, using this software package offers you effortless PSP, iPod and iPhone conversion from diverse videos, audios, as well as compact discs. In just a single mouse click, you can easily convert audio files and soundtracks in a snap through the use of ImTOO Audio Converter Pro for Mac.

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iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac Review

iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac Coupon

With the help of iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac, you can easily cut short long and boring videos into limitless segments then merge them as one minus the halts, as well as video rotation, video file color enhancement and clicks watermark adding. By using application program, you can turn the menu of your DVD more remarkable through customized music and background picture, as well as wonderful templates. It comes with more than forty free-of-charge templates of DVD menu that allows users to effortlessly locate their needed template to custom fit their DVD movie theme. The good thing with iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac is that it upgrades and supports the program free for a lifetime. This program is a perfect pick for Macintosh device users with home files or motion pictures and video file downloads. With this software package around, you can perfectly and easily come up with DVD files, as well as perform DVD video burning for a smooth DVD player or television viewing.

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Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Windows Review

Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Windows Coupon

Through the help of Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Windows, users are able to effortlessly convert DVDs 6 times quicker and maintain the quality of video files excellent. Since Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Windows is backed and supported by the technology of NVIDIA CUDATM technology system, the process of conversion is on the GPU of NVIDIA and not through the Central Processing Unit of your PC, which leaves more available CPU space to easily accommodate other types of computer operations and programs. This makes Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Windows even faster than usual and able to convert video files in HD format, better level of quality, as well as smooth sailing video file playback process. By means of this software package, users are able to perform video rotation, engage in application of effects visually, alter the parameters of the video, watermarks, subtitles, cropping, trimming, among others.

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Scanned Text Editor Review

Scanned Text Editor Coupon

By using Scanned Text Editor, one move you can perform and considered as your other option is to save the file in the SCA formatted internal platform. By following this format all sorts of objects gets to be saved in the layer it has and the background doesn’t have any melting results. Now with Scanned Text Editor, you easily do editing of docs you scanned but never lose a single thing. Both the original text’s quality as well as its layout will stay as is through the help of Scanned Text Editor.

Don’t get it wrong because Scanned Text Editor will not even make an attempt to perform the text recognition process, to the contrary, it will make the images and texts free from within the background and make it freely move things that the background shows. You are now able to open docs you have in bitmap format or you can perform scanning of the newest docs you added on your PC system.

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Auto FTP Manager v5 Review

February 24, 2015Internet


Auto FTP Manager v5 Coupon

Auto FTP Manager v5 is indeed a very useful software. Since Auto FTP Manager v5 has been classified as multi-threaded, it lets users connect to diverse FTP servers all at once. This software package is able to do file transfers while working on other things on the side. Auto FTP is potent and fast connect file managing system to make transfer of files from an FTP server to a personal computer or vice versa as easy as one location dragging to another.

By using Auto FTP Manager v5 package, you can easily synch 2 different directories. This also comes with a mechanism that captures as well as save actions and then you can keep them later for playback purposes. The control system of advanced filter is responsible for transferring files in accordance with their date of change, type and other required fields.

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RS Photo Recovery Review

February 23, 2015Utilities


RS Photo Recovery Coupon

RS Photo Recovery comes with built-in RAW photo files support to retrieve back pictures from both professional and standard cams. This application program functions just right along with memory cards of all sorts, such as xD-Picture, SmartMedia, Secure Digital, Compact Flash, Memory Stick, PC Card, MultiMedia, Secure Digital, Compact Flash, and many more.
For this reason, all users of RS Photo Recovery will have the best photo recovery experience. Through the use of RS Photo Recovery software, you will definitely have a great time in retrieving of temporarily removed image files from the trash system, as well as recovery of memory cards that undergone reformatting, failure and deletion. It will become an easy task for you to recover back deleted, erased or damaged image files from your device’s trash system, retrieves failed located image files, as well as memory cards that are formatted and accessible, or even those stored on partitions in NTFS or FAT formats.

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Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate Review

February 10, 2015Utilities


Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate Coupon

Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate can help users to regain back passwords they used for Windows live. This software package helps users for password removal or resetting in just a couple of minutes or less, regardless of the time spent and password complexity of passwords in the domain or local Microsoft Windows account. Aside from all the features discussed,Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate can help in effortless password resetting by means of a USB drive or DVD/compact disc. Additionally, this application program is an efficient and speedy tool to use for recovering password due to its absolute assurance in resetting passwords used for Microsoft Windows accounts since it never needs Windows reinstallation process that will definitely save users more of their efforts and precious times. At the same time, Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate can help users in modifying their password for users and domain or local admin, as well as come up with a new account admin for domain or local. For the best experience by its users and prospects, this software package offers the ideal features and advantages to diverse types of users, whether in the workplace or at home because it comes with a wizard-akin and easy-to-use platform, complete functionality and very competitive rate.

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Photo Toolbox Review

Photo Toolbox Coupon

While using this application program can help you ease out imperfections on your skin, you can likewise use it in improving your skin tone on the eye area and steer clear of dark circles, as well as wrinkles around the eyes and eye bags. At the same time, Photo Toolbox can help you get away from eye puffiness automatically. By using Photo Toolbox Coupon, your dream of having flawless skin even on pictures will become a reality, which makes them a work of art in portrait.
This software package is definitely a wise application program to buy since it can absolutely improve the look or the appearance of you on pictures without the need of any cosmetic or aesthetic surgery. In addition, people with stained and yellow teeth can change their smiles in a just a click of a button while Photo Toolbox is running on their personal computer system. Generally speaking, you can never find any other application programs as unique as this is because it makes all your pictures perfect and become presentable on different social media platforms, which may include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and many others.

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Pavtube MKV Converter Review

Pavtube MKV Converter Coupon

Through the use of this application program, your tool system can easily distinguish all sorts of soundtracks, streams of subtitles, and other related media files found in a container file in MKV format; therefore it can help users choose they needed multimedia files in accordance with their standards. By using this software package, you can make sure that you can effortlessly synchronize both your video and audio files. Pavtube MKV Converter tool adopts the synchronizing technology intended for multimedia files that prevents you from synchronizing issues in video and audio files. The conversion level of speed of this software is up to six times faster compared to many other similar programs in the marketplace today. When it comes to speed of conversion, Pavtube MKV Converter is the one that comes with the complete benefit of AMP APP ATI Stream technology and the technology of CUDA-NVIDIA to fully increase the speed of conversion. The acceleration of the GPU can save you more of your precious time as you use codec H.264 for the purpose of converting the format of a multimedia file.

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Fast Leads Provider Review

February 5, 2015Audio & Video


Fast Leads Provider Coupon

By using Fast Leads Provider, users can smoothly perform their searching tasks through the use of the original website’s tools and filters, as well as this program will definitely get the main page then perform data extraction till the one on the last page. Fast Leads Provider is supporting diverse numbers of proxies. You are able to utilize one or different other proxies when it comes to identity protection.

The provider of this application program modifies Fast Leads Provider free of charge to fix all issues, and for this reason, users are able to go ahead and use their tools as long as they want to. These are among the primary differences from other entities that doesn’t have a customer support team and never ask a fee for maintenance purposes. Following the lead generation, users of this software package can effortlessly export all of them going to a CSV-formatted Excel file.

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