HelpSmith Review

September 3, 2014Games


HelpSmith Coupon

When it comes to using tools for authoring purposes, there’s no other program better to use than HelpSmith Coupon. This software package is a new breed of program that lets users create printed manuals, website help, and help files for Hypertext Markup Language or CHM derived from the exact help project source. The HelpSmith Coupon interface is extremely user-friendly and can stand on its own and comes with a powerful word processing Unicode, as well as remarkable spell checking program and styles, a technique with advanced style for both video and graphic files purposes, auto system correction, as well as diverse other tools that are beneficial for the user.

HelpSmith Coupon offers all users an effortless approach when it comes to creating documentation and help files from humble start, as well as can help users import topics for help from plain texts, MS Word and Hypertext Markup Language style files you can write in diverse Unicode and ANSI encoding characters.

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My Screen Recorder Pro Review

My Screen Recorder Pro Coupon

Today, there’s a better way to capture all activities you’re doing on your PC monitor and record as a video on your file. My Screen Recorder Pro can effortlessly capture the stream of audio or sounds coming from your audio system such as microphone and/or speakers, as well as combining it with the video you generated. This software package is extremely beneficial for instructors or demonstrators in front of the stage who are required to come up with visual tutorials or presentations.

My Screen Recorder Pro can help its users save their captured screen as videos in different widely-used formats, which includes MP4, AVI and WMV. In addition, this application program supports Flash files in FLV format that lets users produce video files ready for publishing to video sharing sites on the internet like DailyMotion, Veoh, Vimeo and of course, YouTube. You may also use this software package to come up with EXE file videos that can play itself automatically for effortless distribution through the use of an electronic mail message or disc for instance.

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Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate Review

Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate Coupon

You’re now going to use the most sought after multimedia converting system that offers the ideal and comprehensively-featured audio and video software package. This application program known as Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate comes with multifunction system when it comes to a program for multimedia conversion process in downloading web-based video files, burning DVD or Blu-ray discs, the conversion of DVD discs and other multimedia sources, DVD movie file duplication, plus more exciting features added.

With Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate, users can convert web-based video files, video files in SD or HD format, sound and DVD files to greater than about a hundred-eighty sort of format for iOS mobile gadgets, Xperia series, New One HTC, Galaxy S series, and many more. Through the use of Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate, you can perform the burning process of video files into the contents of Blu-ray and DVD with more than 40 templates and disc menu models included.

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NetVizor Network Surveillance Review

August 28, 2014Utilities


NetVizor Network Surveillance Coupon

Go for a personal or corporate network monitoring, award-winning, supervising and powerful solution today! NetVizor Network Surveillance is the best choice of software package because it lets the admin to thoroughly check the network as a whole coming from a centralized area through its intuitive platform of ‘point and click’. As soon as you started using NetVizor Network Surveillance all throughout the entire network system, you are able to effortlessly see logs, as well as modify the settings of your personal computer even if it’s located remotely by means of a centralized system.

NetVizor Network Surveillance is a comprehensive software package for the purpose of surveillance management for the entire network system. Now, through the help this application program, you can thoroughly check a network as a whole coming from a single location. If you’re looking for an up to date monitoring tool for the entire network and a powerful surveillance program for a network, then NetVizor Network Surveillance is the best option you may want to consider.

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Picture Collage Maker Pro Site License Review

Picture Collage Maker Pro Coupon

Get to use the software package that can help you come up with picture collages based from any sort of image files in digital form. Picture Collage Maker Pro Site License is an application program that is a user-friendly tool that allows users merge together picture files of their choices into a remarkable collage of images. This software application will definitely allow all users to collage all their photos effortlessly and as fast as they want to.

By using this program tool, you can take advantage of a diverse number of templates for picture collage making that guarantee you end up with the ideal one for any kind of situation. Picture Collage Maker Pro Site License comes with templates that are drawn professionally along with diverse sorts of layouts for picture placement process, and at the same time, various types of picture collage backgrounds. Through using Picture Collage Maker Pro Site License, you have all the means to opt for diverse sizes of papers and regardless if you like them oriented vertically or horizontally.

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FlipAlbum Vista Pro Review

FlipAlbum Vista Pro Coupon

Now, you can easily come up with an online image file gallery or book derived from the typically-formatted media files through the help FlipAlbum Vista Pro. Image files are perfect for enhancing diverse number of presentations for the sake of making the ideal initial impression or simply remind users of the best during their younger years. Putting them together in one gallery is done effortlessly through using specialized programs intended for cyber computer users such as FlipAlbum Vista Pro.

This software package allows users to come up with web-based book, as well as fill it out with diverse files derived from media formats. As you use this software, you may utilize a book sample you prefer in order to obtain a vision of the things you are able to get done. FlipAlbum Vista Pro lets users produce an image gallery in digital format or a 3D flipping page platform catalogue. This software package generally speaking, comes with the most intuitive approach when it comes to organizing, as well as viewing through your collections of image files in a form of books, a sort of feature not typically seen in various software tools used for viewing image files.

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Backup Platinum Review

August 22, 2014Utilities


Backup Platinum Coupon

When it comes to backup tools such as Amazon S3, Backup Platinum is the major recipient of this platform. Because of this software package, users are allowed to keep their backups secured and safe at the same time while letting them access information from any places. For those with Amazon account focusing on web sort of services, they are never required to settle additional payment for using a solution on web-based backup program. If for any reason you don’t have an account with Amazon, it’s so easy to make one because it only takes you a few minutes to do it.
With Backup Platinum, you can easily utilize corresponding tools for writing as well as compatible media formats such as DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD+R, CDRW or CDR. Backups in larger capacity are divided automatically into diverse parts, and at the same time, by using spinning disk, you can save them on a few disks.

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Advanced Outlook Repair Review

August 20, 2014Internet


Advanced Outlook Repair Coupon

Advanced Outlook Repair supports retrieving back of ruined Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, electronic mail messages, and many others. This software application supports Hypertext Markup Language bodies embedding process, messages with attached image files, diverse types of documents, as well as recovery of ruined file attachments. This sort of application program supports recovery process of Hypertext Markup Language files, as well as RTF formatted files and even plain texts.
By using the Advanced Outlook Repair, you can effortlessly recover various properties, including but not limited to dates, as well as electronic mail parts such as blind carbon copy, carbon copy, message from and to, email subject, and many others. Now with Advanced Outlook Repair, you can quickly and easily retrieve back documents and files that you lost due to unexpected or intended reasons. The files you can easily recover using Advanced Outlook Repair includes PST file’s contacts, tasks, folders, emails, and many other relevant documents.

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Flip PDF Professional Review

Flip PDF Professional Coupon

Now, get to use the powerful software package that can really help you in PDF files conversion and turn them into magazine flipping with flash pages. Flip PDF Professional can help you in turning your PDF files into web-based brochures with turning pages, as well as ad elements interactively such as links, flash and many other multimedia files. This software comes with multimedia electronic book assistant feature that helps users come up with e-books produced from audio or video file sources.
Another thing that this application program is offering is its web-based shopping cart that helps users in selling electronic books, which can lessen the burden of marketing online. Flip PDF Professional comes with an authentic digital bookcase that shows flipbooks conveniently for the sake of all its users. With this software package, you can easily come up with flipping magazines with flash pages embedded with diverse sorts of multimedia.

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AutoDWG Attribute Modifier Review

AutoDWG Attribute Modifier Coupon

Now, you may use a faster application program that actively controls and modifies attributes which is a software that allow developers modify or add values of an attribute through a file in DWG format without the help of an AutoCAD tool. From this time on, you can take advantage of using AutoDWG Attribute Modifier when you need to change or add values attribute directly in file with DWG format. This software application supports both DXF and DWG versions, as well as independently works with AutoCAD.

Likewise, this program supports diverse languages in programming. AutoDWG Attribute Modifier with comprehensive features is totally a program that is able to stand alone and never needs any AutoDesk supporting software packages. With this program, users are able to add the updated attributes of AutoCAD or perform AutoCAD attribute modification for the multiple illustration block references.

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Wondershare QuizCreator Review

Wondershare QuizCreator Coupon

Today, the tasks involving Excel or Word file exporting process for paper-based assessment becomes effortless through the help of Wondershare QuizCreator. With this software package, users can easily come up with stand-alone compact disc EXE files, as well as produce an LMS compatible package of SCORM quizzes, and online uploading of Flash quizzes already published. In addition, you can take pleasure in the convenience of using this application program by tracking outcomes without spending more on LMS.
Take advantage of admin features and get organized insightful outcomes through participants, scores, answers, quizzes and many others. Now with the availability of Wondershare QuizCreator, you can do your task using QuizCreator Online when you need to automatically track the results of your quizzes, as well as come up with clever reports insightfully. With Wondershare QuizCreator, LMS tracking becomes much easier because it integrates the quiz package of AICC/SCORM with WebCT, SharePoint, BlackBoard or Moodle LMS types, respectively.

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Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe for Mac Review

Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe for Mac Coupon

Now, you can effortlessly create face composite and face morphing movie by using diverse image files like never before. Through the help of Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe for Mac, utilizing different sets of image files becomes easier to come up with face composite and face morphing movies. Users can perform all possible things through this high-caliber animation directing tool in creating remarkable animated tasks and image files. Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe for Mac is supporting the majority of widely-used formats such as TGA, PNG, GIF, PSD, TIFF, AVI, JPEG, BMP, as well as top-ranking alpha formats in 32 bits.

This wonderful application program is supporting a diverse number of formats including but not limited to Executable, Flash, GIF animation, AVI, Image Sequence, QuickTime, among others. Through the use of Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe for Mac, users are able to perform cropping, rotating, adjusting and flipping image file sources, everything with the built-in tools of this amazing software program without the need to use a different application.

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Flip PDF Corporate Edition Review

Flip PDF Corporate Edition Coupon

Get the program that can help you convert all your PDF documents into a flipping digital publication page that comes with potent features by the name of Flip PDF Corporate Edition. This software offers helpful features of catalogs of both Flip Shopping and Flip PDF Professional, which includes a compact disc with mobile edition, ZIP, EXE, output of Hypertext Markup Language, adding of bookmarks, Google Analytics ID insert tracking, password security setting, animation of price and inclusion of shopping cart, embedding of multimedia, line of command, as well as conversion modes by batches or singles.

By using this software package, you can easily trace a page of a landscape into 2-page spread as it is presented. Flip PDF Corporate Edition defines both the size and quality for mobile and normal versions, respectively. With Flip PDF Corporate Edition, users can add dynamic time and date, image, as well as watermarks text into electronic books flipping pages.

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iStonsoft PDF Password Remover Review

July 22, 2014Utilities


iStonsoft PDF Password Remover Coupon

Now, you can easily steer clear of and unlock your PDF file’s password protection through the help of iStonsoft PDF Password Remover. If you’re helpless during those times your PDF file never let you modify, edit or copy texts and other contents because of password protection, iStonsoft PDF Password Remover is the right choice of program for you. This software application can help you steer clear of restriction easily; therefore users can take advantage of their PDF files daily.
This is probably the best program you can use in finding, removing, or bypassing PDF document security to easily change, print or open a part or the entire PDF document itself. iStonsoft PDF Password Remover is a kind of program you can rely on in decrypting your PDF files in Adobe Acrobat format. This software package is ideal for the purpose of removing PDF security itself, which includes the password of the account holder that limits the user from opening, printing, editing or copying a portion or the whole PDF document because of password protection.

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Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac Review

Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac Coupon

Get to use a Macintosh-made video converting tool that is self-explanatory and professional in a mere sense. This software package is intended for Macintosh gadget users to help them convert diverse video file formats easily, such as FLV, 3GP, DivX, MPEG, MKV, MP4, VRO, M2TS, WMV, H.264, Xvid, AVI, MOV, MXF, TiVo, MTS, and many others. Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac can help users extract diverse audio file formats from movies, such as WMA, WAV, AC3, AAC, MP3 and APE.

In addition, this Macintosh movie and video file converting program come with even more remarkable features that helps users watch the video ahead of conversion, movie previewing during screenshot capture, black edges video cropping, professional advanced settings, batch mode file conversion, file merger, and many others. Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac is capable of converting video files to play using popular gadgets or tools such as mobile phones, Xbox, PSP, iPad, Creative Zen, iPhone, Zune, iPod and more. Users of this software package can easily convert different sorts of videos in TOD, FLV, 3GP, MP4, MKV, MPEG, among other formats that supports Macintosh devices.

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Spam Reader Review

July 19, 2014Internet


Spam Reader Coupon

Still looking for the best MS Outlook junk mail/spam filtering program until now? Well, there’s a better way to manage all your spam or junk messages for good because Spam Reader is here in the marketplace today. This software package comes with Bayesian filtering combination with clever works and white lists for all types of accounts. Spam Reader is user-friendly and comes with simple-to-use platform. This application program generally supports major MS Outlook types of accounts, which includes HTTP, IMAP, POP and Exchange.

With software application, it’s possible to accurately filter spam messages following a few training. The user must communicate to the filter the things it needs to perform to eradicate spam messages from your electronic mail account. Don’t be discouraged yet when you encounter errors on the first days of using this program. All outcomes will greatly depend according to things you expect, as well as the filter performance.

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Hex Workshop Hex Editor Professional Review

Hex Workshop Hex Editor Professional

Now, get to use the sector and hex editing tool with high-level of quality. The best software package you can count on is a hexadecimal editing program you can use for editing data derived from diverse binary files known as Hex Workshop Hex Editor Professional. Novice users will see the appearance of the platform which is akin to a program for text editing that comes with a few features helpful for the users.

This software package lets users view raw information and perform file opening composed of hexadecimals. With this software application, you can easily search for hexadecimal value and a text string, as well as to edit, paste, copy or cut file contents. Hex Workshop Hex Editor Professional application lets users mark the program code’s vital components to let them include maps color that will modify both the background and text color. The program lets users perform data navigation process by getting into the location of a sector or file, as well as for those who would like to see file parts you’re able to bookmark.

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Web Page Maker Review

Web Page Maker Coupon

If you want to use a website page making tool with helpful templates, the ideal and best software to consider is none other than Web Page Maker. This application program is a website creation tool that comes with scripting language support, as well as functionality known as drag and drop, which are this software package’s strong point. Web Page Maker at the same time support typical multimedia forms such as video files, audio or sound files and flash.

On the flip side, this application program includes clips of QuickTime or animated files. Additionally, this application program comes with effects in page transition, built-in editing tool for texts and creation of rollover to help users come up with the perfect website building process. Web Page Maker offers many tools for graphic imaging. This software application comes with an excellent creating platform for thumbnail and library of images.

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Sothink SWF Easy Review

Sothink SWF Easy Coupon

Today, there are the best software you can rely on when it comes to diversity in features and benefits such as various resources built-in, special effects, and different templates to help users personalize and create albums, greeting cards, or Flash banners comprehensively, as well as perform project exporting process to files formatted in AVI, SWF, or GIF. If you’re looking to experience and enjoy the advantages mentioned here, the ideal application program you can rely on is Sothink SWF Easy.
This software package is a high-caliber program intended to help users create their personalized image galleries, greeting cards, banners, as well as animated files in flash formats, while users can opt for a diverse number of Flash effects animation and banner templates. This program’s platform is slightly astounding in the first place. To the contrary, it so happens due to the reason it’s filled with diverse sensible parameters. Users can depend on the helpful complete manual, as well as a sequential technique to thoroughly utilize this software package.

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Softtote Data Recovery for Mac Review

June 26, 2014Utilities


Softtote Data Recovery for Mac Coupon

For those with external and internal drives, as well as Mountain Lion, the best software package to use is Softtote Data Recovery for Mac. As you buy the comprehensive edition of this software, you’ll never need to purchase another similar program like this. If you like to get the best solution to recover Macintosh-based data and information, the best move for you to make is to adhere to the right way of using this Softtote Data Recovery for Mac.

This program is probably among the ideal recovery software for Mac files and other data. Should you wish to get an all-purpose and user-friendly program to help you recover important, but lost partitions, documents, image files, audio files, video files, files and data back from logically corrupted, formatted, deleted, lost hard disks from diverse external and internal devices, SD card, USB flash drive, digital cam, and many others. Take note that you can use Softtote Data Recovery for Mac with the latest version of Mavericks or 10.9 of Macintosh operating system, so this program will run smoothly if you use the mentioned OS version.

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