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Ever wondered what it would be like to have important business contacts at the tips of fingers? Or better yet, at the click of a button? This is information that is made available to you through the Yellow Pages Spider. This is software that helps you look in all the right and popular yellow pages to help you get important information such as business contacts, address etc. This can be a valuable tool especially if you are new to business and are looking to make the right connections.

There are some people who are really keen on protecting their identity, hence the use of different proxies. With Yellow Pages Spider, there is no exception as it offers support for multiple proxies. It also has a feature that deliberately delays between searches to mimic that of a human using the computer.

What it will do

  • It will get you the right lead to the right people
  • It will give you important contact information of influential people in your niche
  • Continuous update of searches in particular countries. Currently, the software is limited to New Zealand, USA, Australia and Canada.
  • Constantly modify software to suit the dynamic internet changes.

There are different reasons as to why you should choose to use Yellow Pages Spider. One of them is because of the ease with which you can extract different data from websites. And all these leads and info can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel. With this tool you are able to customize your search criteria in order for you to get back the most accurate results. You will have all the advanced tools you will need to narrow down your search.

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The software owners are constantly working to add different countries to their yellow pages, but if you want a special request, you can send it to them, and they will add your country at a fee.


  • Provides easy access of data at a simple click
  • Provides support for major countries, as well as working to include other countries on their list
  • It supports website changes hence very adaptable.
  • Provides a fully customizable search option for users.


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