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Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter Coupon

You may use this software package for PDF document annotation process, as well as combine files in PDF format. Upon annotating your PDF files, this software application is able to providing feedback that comes with more than 20 stamps that are predefined, freehand illustration, shapes, highlights of texts, boxes of texts, as well as notes in sticky form. When it comes to PDF file combination, users will be able to process greater than a single file and lets them merge diverse number of files in a single one PDF document that makes organizing files easily.
Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter converts PDF files to Microsoft Windows Excel that makes it important to those in need of regular data collection from PDF documents. Take note that this software package includes various features and advantages that will definitely be helpful to all its users, regardless if they are newcomers or amateurs or even professional or expert users. Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter can help users in preserving PDF charts, tables, columns and texts in PDF formats in spreadsheets output of Microsoft Excel files.

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What it Does

This software package offers 2 options of flexibility for Microsoft Excel’s output since every page can be merged into one Excel worksheet. This application program supports PDF document exporting to Excel files, whether they maybe version 2010, 2007 or 2003. This program directly converts printed and copied tables of PDF file minus any password requirement.

When it comes to tool for conversion usage, Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter is the name you may rely on since it offers diverse types of features that all users can take advantage of. Now you know that in terms of PDF file or document conversion to Excel format, there is only one name you may depend upon which is Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter.

Advantages of this software

  • Preserves the authentic MS Excel worksheets output, charts, tables, columns, as well as PDF file texts
  • Merges all pages to just one MS Excel worksheet
  • Performs direct conversion of restricted printing and copying of tables of PDF to MS Excel minus password requirement
  • Speedily and perfectly performs PDF documents to MS Excel conversion process
  • Practically transforms PDF files to Microsoft Excel format without hassle.

What it Does

This wonderful application program only runs perfectly if operated following the ideal requirements set by the company that created it. For a successful software installation, your personal computer must have at least 100 megabytes memory on its hard disk, 256 megabytes and 500 megahertz hardware processor, as well as Microsoft Windows OS – Vista (32 bit), XP, 2003, 7 and 8.


With Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter, users will have the chance to perform image adding process since a photograph signifies diverse number of things, just sit back and relax while inserting images to the PDF document you have and perform size rearranging that fits your file. Redaction of PDF files is another exciting feature of this wonderful online tool which is used to prevent personal or sensitive information to come out in the open because it comes with permanent image or text blackout feature, just to make a special mention about it. This application tool was made for the benefit of Microsoft Windows software users when it comes to PDF file tables conversion back to worksheets on Excel in terms of editing purposes.

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