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Wondershare PDF Editor Pro Coupon

Wondershare is a software company that deals with softwares for smart phones Windows and Mac. One of their software is the Wondershare PDF Editor Pro which is the best pdf editing software I have ever come across. It has best features than any other PDF editor. You can add watermark to the document which is very helpful in marking your document an in turn will secure it from people who want to make your document their without your right. So this will make it difficult for someone to use it, as you may watermark it with your website domain name or your name in it and this will discourage them from copyrighting your document.

Encrypt Your Document

You can also put a put lock on the PDF file very easily by inputting a password so no one can access your document without the password. You can also let someone to view the document but not print it or copy contents. Giving them the permission to just read as it is without transferring to any other format.

You can now edit a PDF just like Word

With Wondershare PDF Editor Pro you can add text, delete, add or remove images with ease. OCR plug-in for Wondershare PDF Editor Pro. OCR means Optical Character recognition. This plug-in technology helps to change scanned documents or images to editable data. Imagine having a document for example a brochure that you need to change some words and you don’t have a soft editable copy on your computer. With this software all you need is to scan it and using OCR technology and you will be able to delete or add some texts on the document you just scanned. Normally when you scan documents they appear as just images which are non-editable but with this software you will change anything on your document

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Signing A PDF Document

The Wondershare PDF Editor Pro has tools to enable you sign on your document. Unlike the old ways of printing your document, signing them manually and then scanning the document, now you can add an image containing just your signature or you can add a digital signature which requires your unique password and email address or even give a reason for signing or approving the document.
Converting PDF To Other Types Of Files.


With wonder share Wondershare PDF Editor Pro you can convert it to Word, Excel or any type of image files without losing the original format of the document. You can create a PDF with Editable spaces so that the person you are sending to can input details and send back to you without having to print and scan. This software is equipped with very cool features and most of all it is easy to use. Wondershare PDF Editor Pro has a new interface which is user friendly. The Wondershare PDF Editor Pro is also compatible with Windows 8 and Mac. You can download this software for a free trial to see it for yourself. I have been using this software for a while and it has been very helpful and I decided to buy the full version which coasted me $69.95. PDF just got better.


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