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This software tool comes with easy requirements for users to install the program and it comes with a helping tool with clear platform. VinylStudio for Windows comes with options for users to help them come up with shortcuts, choose a folder for installation, as well as application running and immediately setup file which is the “ReadMe”. VinylStudio for Windows makes your recording tasks easier.

This software package comes with more tools and features to reduce or lower recording issues. VinylStudio for Windows is a bit simple to utilize for all basic sorts of functionalities. You need not to worry in using VinylStudio for Windows because it answers all your questions in mind about the program. In addition, this application tool comes with flawless interface for the benefit of all users. You can make the most out of this software in terms of cassette tape and long playing record digitalization. VinylStudio for Windows offers robust platform for the purpose of recording tasks, which makes it a wonderful application package.

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Expectations of VinylStudio for Windows

You can best use this program in terms of digitalizing your old tapes and vintage records. VinylStudio for Windows is even better compared to application tools with similar functions and features that are conventionally used for editing audio files and soundtracks. Users of this software can take advantage of the program by playing them in their preferred audio and sound devices, burn and turn them into Compact Discs, use them for mobile downloading or even used them for home streaming processes.

This software package is ideal for both Mac or iOS and Microsoft Windows operated personal computer systems since it comes with comprehensive filter system for cleaning soundtracks. VinylStudio for Windows is the potent software you can use for the purpose of transferring whole contents of old cassettes or vintage long playing albums to your PC hard drive then burn them into DVD or Compact Disc versions. With VinylStudio for Windows, you can make the most out of using this software by means of the following advantages:

  • Help users record the entire album of a vintage cassette or long playing disc
  • Record monitoring system using the speakers of your personal computer perfect for turntables USB
  • Listing track editing and previewing during the process of recording
  • Album recovery process from diverse databases and file importation system
  • Snappy splitting of tracks efficiently and successfully.

Operating and Computer Systems Requirements

Before using VinylStudio for Windows, you need to check if the running OS and PC system can meet the software package’s standard. Here is the list of operating systems your personal computer must have.

  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 8-64 bit
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 7-64 bit
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows Vista-64 bit
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows 2000

PC System

  • Compact Disc burner/writer
  • Sound card
  • Disk space of 500 megabytes
  • Random Access Memory of 256 megabytes and up to 512 megabytes (MS Windows 7/Vista)
  • Central Processing Unit of 1 gigahertz above.


Everything you need for a multimedia software package is included in this software package. By using this program, you are able to easily perform cleaning of tracks, eradicate noises in the background and steer clear of flaws that ruin your own duplicates. Generally speaking, the features given by VinylStudio for Windows most of the time perform a terrific work when it comes to recording all your favorite sounds and tracks.


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