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February 26, 2014Audio & Video


VinylStudio for Macintosh Coupon

You can put this software into a trial and prove whether it’s the right software for you to use or otherwise. At the same time, users are allowed to download for their own use a totally and smooth working trial and a free copy of VinylStudio for Macintosh. This software package lets a user capture and store up to five long playing albums, cassette tapes and 45 records without any time restriction.
Aside from this fact, with VinylStudio for Macintosh allows users to get their full version upgrades through a license key purchase if for any reason or any event they decided to go on using VinylStudio for Macintosh further. You can freely preserve all the recorded items you’ve come up with your trial copies. In addition, this application program can manage to convert old recordings into various file formats such as MP3, WAV, Ogg, FLAC and Mac native formats, which includes CAF, Lossless from Apple, AAC and AIFF. Furthermore, VinylStudio for Macintosh can help users integrate their playlists with iTunes.

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Things You Can Expect From the VinylStudio for Macintosh

VinylStudio for Macintosh generally offers its users their best expectations, is user-friendly, and works properly. Despite that this software package comes with many sorts of choices for its users, VinlyStudio for Macintosh matches the needs of both new users, and literally, more expert users searching for a program to convert their old cassette tape recording, long playing albums or 45 records into better and more accessible formats such as MP3.

With VinylStudio for Macintosh, you may expect a:

  • User-friendly system
  • Convenient to manage interface
  • Speedier and easier old record conversion process

VinylStudio for Macintosh System Restrictions and Requirements

For those planning to use VinylStudio for Macintosh to convert their old long playing and cassette tape albums, the best software program to use is VinylStudio for Macintosh. As the name implies, a prospective user must use a Mac PC or Mac personal computers. On the contrary, they may not just use any Mac computers because this software can only run smoothly and hassle-free if the Mac PC is an Intel-based one.


This software package is intended to turn all your old cassette tape recordings, long playing albums and 45s into digital sound files. Since it has a user-friendly and convenient to handle interface, it has speedier and easier old record conversion process compared to various other popular audio editing tools. VinylStudio for Macintosh’s system restrictions and requirements include, but not limited to Mac OS X, Mac, OS 9, advanced Intel OS X versions or lower.


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